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EDDHA FE, bulk organic fertilizer, Iron Chelated Micronutrients powder

EDDHA FE, bulk organic fertilizer, Iron Chelated Micronutrients powder
  • EDDHA FE, bulk organic fertilizer, Iron Chelated Micronutrients powder
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1.stable Fe chelated micronutrient
2.red brown powder or granular
3.high solubility, high efficiency, quick effect

Product Details


Characteristics & Applications:

 It is one kind of stable chelated micronutrients which are mainly used in agriculture, horticulture etc, can be used for the supply of flowers, plants and crops. It’s the more better effective against iron chlorosis through the roots in calcareous soils. With the help of EDDHA-Fe6, iron can be absorbed by the plant easiler and more iron from the soil becomes soluble, producing the so called “iron shuttle effect”


EDDHA-Fe is a new plant nutritional supplement, with features of high solubility, high efficiency, quick effect, and wide suitability, etc. It can be rapidly absorbed by crop from PH3 to PH10; EDDHA-Fe has significant effects on Yellow-leaf Disease of fruiter, vegetable and crop, caused by iron deficiency; it can promote the chlorophyll synthesis of crop, enhance the photosynthesis and increase the yield effectively

 Equipped with the latest science and technology, according to the physiological characteristics and nutrients absorption regulation of plant, the agricultural scientists developed this multi-function biological agent;

Chelated micronutrients foliar fertilizer;

Contain various and sufficient nutrients including amino acid and micronutrients for plant;

Increase the chlorophyll content and enhance the plant photosynthesis so as to strengthen the protein synthesis;

Promote new roots and strengthen vine branches, improve resistibility to various deficiencies like yellow leaves, lobules, red leaves, rotten roots, black roots and physiological fruit drop;

Promote flower-formation and improve quality and output to 20%;

Improve self-immunity and enhance resistance to disease, insects, drought, cold and lodging;

Free from contamination and without residue, suitable for the production of green and pollution-free foods.

Application Scope:

Iron-deficiency areas and crops, such as fruiter, vegetable, ornamental plant, etc..

Recommended Application and Dosage:

Spraying: This product will dilute 800-1000 times foliar spray.

Root application: This product will be dissolved with the right amount of water, fruit tree canopy dug around 6-8 or 15-20 cm deep groove around 15-20 cm deep trench dug crown, the solution was poured into the trench average (tank ) landfill.  

Citrus, grapefruit, lemon, apple, pear, peach, kiwi and other fruit trees 20-50 g / plant, loquat 20-30 g / plant,  

grape 10-20 g / plant,

strawberry 3000-5000 g / acre,

peanuts 1000 - 2000 g / acre

nursery 3000-5000 g / acre,

flowers 6000-9000 g / acre.