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Hazelnut hazelnut, alias gavel son, Chestnut Hill, Cheng Muli plant hazelnut kernel. Fruit like chestnut, ovoid, with yellow brown shell. Kernel aroma, sweet, oily, autumn production, collection. The main producing area of Turkey, in China, a large area of cultivated hazelnut is relatively small, but the northeast, North China mountainous area, there are wild varieties, local people collecting as goods sold.

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Hazelnut contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids and trace elements and minerals. Its content is other nuts several to dozens of times, where phosphorus and calcium is conducive to human bone and tooth development, manganese element on the skin, bone, tendon, ligament tissue are replenishing strong effect. Hazelnut is rich in fat, mainly is the human body can not synthesize unsaturated fatty acid, on one hand, can promote the metabolism of cholesterol, on the other hand can soften blood vessels, capillaries and maintain health, prevention and treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Hazelnut and promoting digestion, increase appetite, enhance memory, to prevent the aging effect.

Rich hazelnut oil, in favor of the fat soluble vitamins in the human body absorption, can have very good effect on the disease frail, emaciation, easy to hungry people. A natural aroma of hazelnut, in the words of the more chewing, the effectiveness of appetizers. Hazelnut contains paclitaxel anti-cancer chemical composition, it is the taxol in the active component, the treatment of ovarian cancer and breast cancer and other cancer can this medicine, can extend a patient's life period. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, hazelnut has tonifying spleen and stomach, Qi Li, Mingmu hiking effect, and beneficial to diabetes, night sweats, nocturia, lung and kidney deficiency disease.

Nutrition: each 100 grams of dried hazelnut contains water 7.3 grams, 22 grams of protein, 44.8 grams fat, 9.6 grams of crude fiber, ash 3.5 grams, 14.7 grams carbohydrates, carotene 50 mg, riboflavin 0.15 mg, calcium 104 mg, potassium 244 mg, 4.7 mg sodium, magnesium 420 mg, iron 6. 4 mg,

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Tieling city Yinzhou District Huangshi hazelnut Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 1000 square, the investment of nearly 10 million yuan, is a self-produced, self development, self processing, marketing as one of the large hazelnut products enterprises, Huangshi hazelnut stems from Tieling County Xiong Guan Tun Xiang Huangshi Cun hazelnut demonstration base, (Huangshi village is located in the upstream, Chai River reservoir here a beautiful environment, a pleasant climate, Chai River is the people of Tieling designated drinking water, Huangshi Gong hazel use Chaihe is leaking filtering is rich in nutrition, let people eat more at ease) our company "Huangshi Gong Zhen" has been registered in the State Administration for Industry and commerce, reserved. In 2009 July we and Tieling Xinglong group, a large New Mart group, Xindu Group signed a contract, in under the major department stores. In 2010 New Year's day, we signed a contract with Tieling Tianshui, provides a ton of fungus to Tianshui, in January 24th of the same year and cooperation, and northeast Tieling Logistics City Co. Ltd. all dried in the afternoon gala held the meeting by my company exclusive offers, obtained the leadership and personnel from all walks of life in the city approved. In October 29, 2010, we attended to only the designated representative of Tieling New Mart identity of Northeast China Green Food Expo, the group held in Dalian in December 9, 2010 the government of Shenyang held in Liaoning industrial exhibition hall of the exhibition, December 11, 2010 years in the Tieling Xinglong Life Plaza held agricultural fair, in the upcoming 2011 New Year's day, we again and the group is planning its second native products exhibition (the exhibition strength, direct supply, high quality and inexpensive, the origin of the city, the city's historical price) through the exhibition, we got social all circles and enterprises and institutions of the identity, we can say it is at the starting stage now, welcome a person with breadth of vision to join, seek common development, achieve a win-win situation.

The company over the years thanks to the support of friends of all over the country, products are exported to Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other provinces and autonomous regions, generally by the society and enterprises and institutions! Our company hazelnut large, thin skin, full of fruit, high quality and inexpensive, sincerely hope that a person with breadth of vision across the country to join our company.

My company perennial sales following Northeast Specialty: hourglass hazelnut, open smile, clap, American hazelnut hazelnut hazelnut, two yuan big tip America hazelnut, America three yuan, Turkey nut, hazelnut, pine nuts, pistachios, macadamia nuts, Bi Genguo abalone, mushroom, pine mushrooms, Coprinus comatus, Tricholoma matsutake mushroom, mushroom, mushrooms, Hericium erinaceus Hua Zimo, white mushrooms, black fungus, anxiaoqiu ear, ear, ear mid autumn, black peanut, Cereals, my company hazelnut mountains backyard chicken walk of stupid egg, Yunnan purple walnut, walnut, walnut Yunnan curcas fruit in Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang walnut Hetian Jade Jujube, jujube, Xinjiang Hami Xinjiang Kroraina jujube, jujube, jujube, Shaanxi beach of Shaanxi Changbai Mountain ginseng, American ginseng, pilose antler, deer antler wine, Xifeng and produces a variety of gift box packaging, we have the spirit of sincerity, refine on, gold quality, 100 years of commitment, respect for customers, high quality service, preferential price, mutual benefit, common development "principle of service, Bo Li quick, in good faith for the new and old customer service! Warmly welcome colleagues from all walks of life to visit us, to discuss cooperation!

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