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JD-112 DSR Spraying-applied rubber-modified bitumen waterproof coating

JD-112 DSR Spraying-applied rubber-modified bitumen waterproof coating
  • JD-112 DSR Spraying-applied rubber-modified bitumen waterproof coating
  • JD-112 DSR Spraying-applied rubber-modified bitumen waterproof coating
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Product introduction

DSR spraying-applied rubber-modified bitumen waterproof coating (DSR waterproof coating for short)is that adapts special process to blend superfine suspended micoemulsion type anionic modified emulsified asphalt and polymer (A components) and special film formers (component B) to generate high elastic waterproof, anti-corrosion, impervious and protective film waterproof coating. Adopt field special equipment for spraying instantly to form a dense, continuous, complete and high elongation, super flexible and excellent durable waterproof coating that truly realize the "skin-like". It is a kind of energy saving and emission reduction product that is convenient for constructiont and can solve the waterproof problem, The excellent performance that the product owns  can combine effectivly with scientific construction technology , it makes maximizely material performance and the engineering quality be the perfect embodiment and security, and actively promote the use of the new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment .

Product Features

1.Super-high Elasticity. The elongation of the elastic coating film of the product exceeds 1000%, and recovery rate reaches more than 90%, which can effectively solve problems of various buildings like the leakage, corrosion, etc. caused by the stress deformation, expansion cracking, puncture, weak connection, etc. 
2. Perfect Organic Whole. The coating can perfectly cover the basement to achieve the seamless connection between the coating and basement, are more convenient and reliable for the basement construction with the abnormal structures or complex shapes, are equipped with the characteristics of no water channeling and no peeling hardly achieved by the tradition coil, and achieve the "skin-like” waterproof in the real meaning. 
3. Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance. The excellent chemical and corrosion resistance are especially applicable to the tanks, structures, etc. of the chemical industry and waste water treatment industry. 
4. Good Temperature Resistance. The low temperature flexibility can reach -30°C, which is applicable to the waterproof engineering in the alpine regions, and the high temperature resistance reach up to 160°C, which is applicable to the waterproof engineering of roads and bridges. 
5. Flame Retardant Function. The flame retardant function of the product can reach A2f1, meeting the industry police orientation of the state. 
6. Reduction of Construction Period. The molding can be immediately conducted after spraying, and then the next process can be conducted. The professional spraying machineries are adopted to conduct the construction, saving the construction cost and labor force greatly and shortening the construction period sharply. 
7. Excellent Adhesiveness. There is no splitting, peeling, and falling happening to various material media like the concrete, wood, metal, glass, etc. The product has good adhesiveness effect. 
8. Flexible and Various Coating Methods. The flexible and simple coating methods like the spraying, brushing, blade coating, etc. can be adopted, and can meet the special requirements of the waterproof operation such as water outlets, internal and external angles, cracking parts, etc.

Application Fields

It is applicable to various building structures, including the waterproof, undergrounds, railways, bridges, tunnels, subways, ports, industrial corrosion prevention and protection engineering, etc.


Company Profile

Liaoning Jiuding Hongtai Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Panjin, Liaoning, China. “Jiuding Hongtai” comes into existence by virtue of the advantaged oil resources from Liaohe Oilfield - the third largest oilfield of China, as well as the superior geographic advantage of coastal port.
       The company can produce SBS/APP, self-adhering/ pre-applied/ wet installed and other modified bituminous sheet materials; pre-applied macromolecule, wet installed macromolecule, polyethylene polypropylene and other high polymer composite waterproofing sheet; spraying-applied rubber,non-curable rubber, polyurethane, JS and other building waterproof coating. New environmentally friendly waterproof material totaling three categories of more than 100 varieties.
      Jiuding Hongtai is a waterproof material supplier integrating waterproof materials R&D, production, sales, construction and service into one. There are three series in total, including more than a hundred varieties of new type environmental protection waterproof materials, which are widely used in engineering of waterproof, leakage proof, damp proof, seepage, anti-corrosion, insulation, decoration, etc. for the fields of construction, municipal administration, water conservancy, environmental protection, roads, bridges, tunnels, culvert, etc. Jiuding Hongtai waterproof materials are reasonably designed and normally constructed to meet the environmental protection and the energy saving requirements of buildings, making people living without worries about wind and rain!
      Make Jiuding become hundred years waterproof enterprise, and gather the elites to build the industry flagship!

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