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Level: grade E ingredients: high alkali use: gypsum, gypsum line, gypsum board

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Liaoning Xinpeng Gaoke Pioneer Metals Corporation is Liaoning's largest glass fiber products manufacturing enterprises, 1300 tons per month, with self import and export rights, occupy the market in Southeast Asia 90%, welcome to the factory inspection.

1, glass fiber reinforced gypsum yarn technology index: This product is dried without twist plied by 40~60 spinning machine shares filament, filament diameter (μ m) 16-19 (Tex) 4800, linear density, wetting agent content 0.2-1.2, the moisture content of <0.15% splitting rate of >90% penetration velocity for <50s resin weight (kg) UP, VP20. for enhanced, gypsum decorative products such as: gypsum board, gypsum line, gypsum, gypsum reinforcing yarn can make the above products of high strength, convenient construction. Has the advantages of high strength, fire resistance, sound insulation, light etc.

2, the product specifications: common specifications have 24004800tex. Can also according to customer requirements to produce other products of different specifications. Carton packaging, 20 kg / box.

3, product features:

The excellent cluster, low static, wool content is low, with a good, flat strip;

twistless roving unwinding is good, from the bobbin unwinding off circle, do not form a "bird's nest" like floss;

Temperature resistance good, very low color, uniform tension, no drape phenomena;

The line density is uniform, the general should be less than ± 7%;

Use proper wetting agent, so the short cut fiber and matri

Company Profile

Liaoning Xinpeng Gaoke Pioneer Metals Corporation was founded in 2002, the existing staff of 200 people, the company covers an area of 673726 square meters. Is a production, development and sales of sponge titanium (titanium, titanium equipment) series, anhydrous magnesium chloride, magnesium and magnesium alloy flux series, aluminum casting materials (flux, additives, intermediate alloy), glass fiber products and machinery processing as the leading industry, non-ferrous metal, mineral products, graphite products and chemical raw materials and other professional technology oriented enterprises.

Enterprise has always been adhering to the "innovative, pragmatic, development, beyond the" business philosophy, continue to standardize enterprise management, strengthen process, improve product quality, perfect service system. Passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. Has the right to import and export. Enterprise for many years was awarded provincial, municipal contract and keeping promises enterprises, development of city social undertakings contribution enterprise and many other awards. Enterprises leading products production sold to domestic and foreign markets, by the unanimous praise and recognition.

The main products of the company are:

A, titanium sponge and titanium products: the main types of 0~5 titanium sponge, while providing offshore various content titanium sponge (edged titanium, titanium, titanium liner bottom skin, climb titanium), 40~80 titanium powder, titanium and titanium equipment. The sponge titanium with inner plastic bag packaging outer galvanized iron drum, 200 kg / barrel, the inner impulse argon, particles of 0.83-25mm.

Two, anhydrous magnesium chloride series products: high purity anhydrous magnesium chloride (brine refined) by-product generated for the company production of sponge titanium or zirconium sponge in the process, is the main raw material for the production of magnesium products or magnesium processing flux. 1500 tons per month, the content of 99.28-99.6%, white translucent crystal. Can be processed in accordance with customer requirements of 80-150 powder, 0.02-4mm particles, 0-60mm flake or broken patches, packaging with plastic outer part, 25 or 50 kg / bag. Dissolved water after the clear without impurities.

Three, magnesium and magnesium alloy flux: Liaoning's largest magnesium and magnesium alloy flux professional production enterprises, the main products for magnesium and magnesium alloy refining agent, covering agent, melting agent, 1~6 magnesium alloy, calcium flux, flux, barium flux, the magnesium alloy composite special flux. The magnesium and magnesium alloy production is flux flux composition will be needed: high purity anhydrous magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, imports of sodium chloride, calcium fluoride, barium chloride, Magnesium Oxide and other major raw materials first drying dehydration treatment, according to the requirements of production technology and raw materials of different melting point, ratio and batch entry the tank body, the high temperature of 720 degrees and the vacuum state is completely dissolved, and keep the temperature for 2 hours after discharge, crushing, grinding, granulating, analysis and other advanced technology and processing. Product packaging for tons of bags, cartons, endometrial woven bag, can also be packaged according to customer requirements.

Four, aluminum alloy and additives: aluminum titanium boron (wire, rod, bar, ingot): chemical composition of its products: Ti:5% B:1%; Fe = 0.20%; Si = 0.20%; margin: Al. Product characteristics: cast aluminium silicon alloy modification agent, refining agent and additives. Specification packaging: coils: 180~220kg/ volume, diameter 9.6-10mm, length 500-1000mm, Volume 3 / tray or box. The strip is 200g~ 300g/. Can produce according to customers request special shapes, specifications and packing.

Five, speed melting silicon (silicon): This product is suitable for aluminum alloy silicon (Si) add elements or trace composition adjustment, to replace silicon intermediate alloy. This product contains silicon ≥ 95%, can be directly added to the melt in the normal melting temperature, melting quickly (usually less than 5 minutes), easy to use, fast melting of silicon in silicon yield usually greater than 90%. The temperature of ≥ 740 ℃. This product is dark grayish white lumps, 5kg/ bag, 20kg/ box. Stored in ventilated and dry place, moisture.

Six, glass fiber products:

(1) high strength glass fiber yarn: Liaoning's largest glass fiber yarn production enterprises, 630 tons per month, with self import and export rights, occupy the market in Southeast Asia 60%. Common specifications have 24004800tex. Can also according to customer requirements to produce other products of different specifications. Glass fiber yarn index for 25~60 shares untwisted yarn, fiber diameter (μ m) 13~15 (Tex) 4800, linear density, wetting agent content 1.6-1.8, the moisture content of <0.15% splitting rate of >90% penetration velocity for <50s resin weight (kg) UP, VP20. carton packaging, 20 kg / box. Widely used for reinforcing inorganic glass steel products, magnesite products, gypsum products, cement products, high strength, fire resistance, sound insulation, light etc.

(2) the glass fiber grid cloth: the glass fiber grid cloth is in the alkali or alkali free glass fiber woven fabric, coating formed by the alkali. The main varieties are 60cm-130cm wide Milwaukee cloth, magnesite greenhouse bracket special glass fiber cloth, heat insulation, pig, chicken duck house special glass fiber cloth, 02, 04 glass fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth, magnesite crafts for internal and external wall insulation grid cloth, fireproof board base cloth, cloth, composite foundation of insulation board special glass fiber cloth, high alkali glass fiber cloth series products.

We sincerely hope that the sincere, extensive cooperation with new and old customers and friends from all walks of life, to speed up the pace of market development, with innovative products and perfect system, to win the market, win credibility, create the space for development more stable, sustained a win-win for our efforts!

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