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Product Name: silymarin, silybin oil%09 chemical name: 4H-1-Benzopyran-4-one%09 model: UV80%

Purpose: liver and blood lipid%09 appearance: light yellow powder, no special smell of heavy metal%09: PB mg/kg10 (PPM)

Specification: 25kg/%09CAS:NO.: 65666-07-1%09 in barrel: 80%

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The material has the following functions: protect the liver cells from the toxic chemicals, especially alcohol and environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals) invasion of liver damage; has strong antioxidant, can protect the liver cells from free radical damage, effect is far better than vitamin E; promote protein synthesis, accelerate the production of new cells in the liver, or the damaged liver cells to repair. It was known as the "natural hepatoprotective drugs". In addition to silymarin has anti radiation, anti aging, prevent arteriosclerosis, delay skin aging and other effects. The products are widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, food and other products of the production. The formulation of silymarin oral preparations: Silymarin Tablets, Yiganling tablets, silybin lecithin compound capsule. Commodity name: legalon, legalon, Yiganling etc.. Injection is mainly made of silybin derivatives, such as: glucose -N, methylamine salt.

Silymarin Silymarin

2,3- two hydrogen -3- (4- hydroxy -3- methoxy phenyl) -2- hydroxy methyl -6- (3,5,7- three hydroxy -4- oxo benzopyran -2- based) benzene and two oxygen six ring

The structure type

Silymarin (silmyarin) refers to the Asteraceae herbaceous plant Silybum marianum ([silybum marinaum L) Huang Tongmu fat extracted from fruits and seeds of Gaenrt] in a class of two flavonoid and phenylpropanoid derivatives condensed pigment ingredients, which are widely used in preparation of silymarin (trade name Ligalo, Yi liver spirit and Milk Thistle) content of total flavonoids of lignans was about 80%,

Company Profile

Liaoning Panjin Senmiao botanical extract Co. Ltd., founded in January two to 00 a year, is a comprehensive enterprise at present, specializes in the production and operation of Silybum marianum series products.

Company based on a high starting point, hormone production line of the existing two contemporary advanced level of Silybum marianum, pipeline equipment, stable and reliable performance, and is equipped with detection equipment of modern control product quality, production workshop and factory environment accords with GMP standard requirement.

Company's existing fixed assets of 5000000 yuan, annual production of silymarin 100 tons, the company can handle import and export business. The company has a staff of 128 people, professional and technical personnel with junior college degree or above accounted for 20% of the total number of the talent resources, has a strong product development capabilities, the company is extremely advantageous geographical location, away from the Beijing Shenyang Expressway 4 kilometers, 120 kilometers away from Shenyang, Dalian 280 kilometers, is China's silymarin raw material in the center, to provide users with silymarin, silybin, water-soluble silymarin, milk thistle, silymarin powder.

Over the years the company with excellent product quality and good service reputation, welcome customers at home and abroad come to visit, visit, to discuss cooperation

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