Any good quality rescue equipment with reasonable prices. We supply emergency tents, alarm, fire blanket, military storage box and other firefighting items, security products.

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  • 2019/1/11
    Hello I needed 15000 pieces of green military clothing as soon as possible. I want you to send a list of prices available to you. As your prices are good I am happy to send you a person to agree on the completion period and how to pay. Thank you
  • 2019/1/11
    Inquiry for 10 sets of graphite shafts and rotors, also we are interested in your graphite crucibles products. Kindly reach me on wechat, ID: T712100 (Tess)
  • 2019/1/11
    hi i was looking for diagram or picture of wires connected to the motor and switch of a 110v tire changer . i have 110v regit tire changer that came with a 220 3 phase but the company sent a 110v i dont think its wire right becasuse only gpes in one way can u help me
  • 2019/1/11
    mi nombre es Elizabeth y necesito tinta ecosolventada para impresora digital con 5 cabezales
  • 2019/1/11
    i would like wallpaper that looks like wood.for example the paper backed vinyl wallpaper.and i think its called WALLIFE 3

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12v/24v Car electronic condenser fan universal auto/car ac condenser fan 12v/24v used for auto Air Conditioning System
high quality centrifugal pump Boiler feed water pump It is suitable for boiler feed water, and can also be widely used in pressure vessel water supply, hot water circulation, high-rise building water supply, farmland irrigation, fire boosting, water washing, food, brewing, medicine, chemical, aquaculture, environmental protection and other industries.
CE certificate fruit freeze dryer lyophilizer machine price Freeze drying is the removal of ice or other frozen solvents from a material through the process of sublimation and the removal of bound water molecules through the process of desorption. lyophilisation and freeze drying are terms that are used interchangeably depending on the industry and location where the drying is taking place. Controlled freeze drying keeps the product temperature low enough during the process to avoid changes in the dried product appearance and characteristics.
PANZHU 0.3mm waterproofing material white house wrap for building House Wrap Engineered for Superior Performance,Unique material science helps prevent the infiltration of airand water, but lets water vapor escape to prevent rot andmold inside walls.

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Exportimes has fully support from Chinese government and eatablished long-term cooperative relationships with the Department of Commerce of Liaoning Province,CCPIT(China Council for Promotion of International Trade) and other insitutions.Exportimes has signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Liaoning provincial government to help enterprises carry out international trade.


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