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Selected Quality Products New, cool and innovative products selected by our analysts

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    Power Apparatuses-Silicone Rubber Dropout Fuse Cutout

    We supply high quality porcelain fuse cutout for distribution lines , the product level are from 11 kV up to 36kV with current level 100A or 200A .
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    QUICK CLUMPING ECONOMIC cat litter has the purpose to prolong the use of cat litter and save your money and time;Small granulation provides faster clumping speed and higher absorption. Also it lasts longer than usual cat litter.
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    ST-PC Series X-Ray Pipeline Crawler

    Optional video control and magnetic control: the video locating is more fast and accurate, magnetic locating is suitable for long distance pipeline, inspection operation and patch operation.
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    1.Different sizes are available;,high quality,washable,recyclable,reasonable price,100%manufacturer.

Industry Channels Top Industry Channel supplied by Exportimes

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    Ice Cream Products

    20 years professional experiences in ice cream industry. We supply ice cream sticks, ice cream production line, ice cream paper cups, ice cream freezer showcase, vanillin power, etc.
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    Ice Cream Vending Machine

    Coin operated ice cream vending machine for sale , table top and vertical style provided.
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    Hotel Supply

    cheap silverware wholesale ceramic restaurant plates wholesale ceramic mugs
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    Food Additive

    We are professional in food additive research and development, main product such as Gelatine, Vanillin, Aspartame, corn starch Calcium, Sodium Propionate and amino-acids series.
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    Chocolate Making Equipment

    Quality suppliers in chocolate industries. Include machinery for chocolate refining, conching, tempering, molding and packing. Reliable technology support to develop projects for broad applications with equipment of great quality and fair price.
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    Scented candles, Votive, Pillar, Taper, Scented candles supply,candles wholesale list.
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