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Core Partner of Google Ads
Attract global buyers directly from Google

Exportimes has reached strategic cooperation with Google Ads出口时代与Google Ads达成战略合作

As the core partner of Google Ads , Exportimes has the unique advantages of online resources, which can help the traditional export enterprises to find new channels of foreign trade marketing.


出口时代作为Google Ads核心合作伙伴,具有得天独厚的线上资源优势和实力基础,可以帮助传统出口企业找到外贸营销新渠道。

Google's online advertising products cover 90% of the world's Internet users.


It takes less than one second to get global buyers to search you.


Google Search

Google Search

The world's first search engine, more than 3 billion times searches per day.


Google display advertising network

Google display advertising network

Covering 90% regions of the world, more than 900 million mobile devices per month.




The world's first video website, the 1 billion user's first video platform.


Google Search


The world's first mail platform, more than 1 billion loyal users.


Google Adwords Experience Center in Exportimes

Google Adwords Experience Center in Exportimes

Google Ads Experience Center in Exportimes (出口时代Google Ads体验中心)

Yandex - The best solution to the Russian marketYandex - 俄语市场推广最佳解决方案


Exportimes is the official agent of Yandex, Russia's largest search engine. By virtue of Yandex's professional backup force and technical support, Exportimes can provide the Russian market network marketing service for the member enterprises, help enterprises to develop potential customers, set up brand awareness, and accurately grasp the business opportunities of the Russian market.



Facebook - Efficient social network overseas marketing toolFacebook - 社交网络海外营销利器


Facebook is the largest social network service provider in the world, with more than 1 billion 900 million users worldwide and 90% in major export countries, the largest digital platform in the world.

Exportimes has reached a cooperation agreement with Facebook in order to help member enterprises find global business opportunities in the Facebook global community.




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