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Overseas Project Case

Ice Cream Project冰激凌项目

Purchaser: Dream International Co.,Ltd.

Product : Ice Cream Sugar Cone Baking Machine

Time: Augest 2011

Details: Dream International Co., Ltd, is a local ice-cream producer in Sultan,they have ordered an ice cream bar from our cabinet in 2009. In May 2010, they sent new enquiries for ice cream sugar cone baking machine.After three months' tracking, all the details and price of the equipment were confirmed with the customer. Finally, the contract was signed in August 2011.In May 2012, at the request of the customer, an engineer was led to install and debug the equipment at the customer's office.The installation and commissioning work is all right, and the customers are also satisfied with the operation of the equipment and the quality of the output of the cone.With the opportunity of installation and commissioning, we have successfully confirmed the purchase plan for this year with customers, including ice cream filling machine , paper tube , ice cream stick and ice cream spoon .


采购方:苏丹 Dream International Co.,Ltd.



详细:Dream International Co., Ltd, 为苏丹当地一雪糕生产商,曾于 2009年从我司订购过一个小柜的雪糕棒。 2010 年 5 月客户又发来新询盘,求购甜简生产设备。经过三个月的跟踪,跟客户确认了关于设备的所有细节问题以及价格,最终于 2011 年 8 月签订合同。 2012 年 5 月,在客户的要求下,带领一位工程师去客户处安装调试设备。安装调试工作一切顺利,对于设备的运行以及产出的甜筒质量,客户也非常满意。借助此次安装调试的机会,又顺利跟客户确定了本年度的采购计划,包括冰淇淋灌装机、纸筒、雪糕棒和雪糕勺。

Cuba Project古巴项目


Purchaser: The Cuban Ministry of Food Industry and The Ministry of Internal Trade

Product : Refrigeration Equipment

Time: 2007

Details: Since the beginning of 2007, our company has signed the export contract for refrigeration equipment of Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. with the Ministry of food industry and the internal trade section of Cuba.The first batch of refrigeration equipment entered the Cuban market in 2008, and was debugged and put into operation,run in milk factories, meat processing plants and cold storage factories in different provinces of Cuba.In recent years, the high performance of the equipment has been perfectly reflected. The quality of the equipment can withstand the high temperature and heat of the Cuban environment, and the timely and effective after-sales service has been well received by all the customers.Until now, the Cuban food department and the Ministry of internal affairs of different subordinate companies have placed orders for refrigeration equipment and spare parts every year.In the Cuban market, we have 125 refrigerating compressors, 58 evaporative condensers, 4 cold storage units, and a few other types of refrigeration equipment and ancillary equipment.






Purchaser: Dairy Products Company of the Cuban Ministry of Food Industry

Product : Cheese Equipment

Time: 2009

Details: In 2009, our company signed the cheese equipment contract with the dairy products company of the Ministry of food industry, and debugged the equipment in the end of 2009 and the first half of 2010.There are 7 cheese grooves, 7 settling tanks, 8 presses and 3 pasteurizing machines were installed in 12 cheese factories in different provinces of Cuba.After installation and commissioning, the equipment was put into use immediately, and the feedback was very satisfactory at that time.In the following two years of use, we have been keeping close ties with our customers and providing good after-sales service.Through the joint efforts of both sides, cheese equipment has been widely praised in the use process, and the cheese that the Cuban people like has been produced.






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