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Chocolate Enrobing Machine

chocolate enrobing machine for sale automatic chocolate covering machine/ss304 small chocolate enrobing machine

This equipment is special designed base on Italy and UK chocolate processing and handling technology in lab scale application. All machinesare made of SUS304. It is used for making good quality pure or compound chocolate enrobing. It can be fixed on the SG30 chocolate machine or remove for washing very easily.

High Quality Small Chocolate Enrobing Machine Bakery Used Chocolate Enrober

The chocolate enrobing line is used to enrobe chocolate on various food products such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks etc. Cooling tunnel is available in this complete line. It can also coat chocolate on bottom-side for your option.

Candy Wafer Biscuit Cake Chocolate Machinery enrobing Production Line

The chocolate coating machine is a multi-function professional equipment. It is used for coating chocolate on the surface of all kinds of foods. It can be equipped with automatic feeding device, product turn-over device, surface decorating device, sprinkling device etc. We also developed the drying device used in the cooling tunnel, it is helpful for increasing the brightness and extending the preservation time of the foods.

Fine machines enrobing chocolate supplier

The chocolate enrobing line of our company is a multi-functional and professional chocolate equipment. It is used for the enrobing of chocolate on the surface of all kinds of food such as biscuit, wafer, egg roll, chocolate pie, cake, candy, puffed food etc.

automatic chocolate enrobing machine supplier

The enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks etc.. Cooling tunnel and some special devices are optional. 1: Material feeder: to simplify the feeding of biscuits or wafers to the enrobing wire mesh . 2: Granular sprinkler :to sprinkle sesame or peanut granular on the enrobing products. (Add-on device) 3: Decorator :to decorate zigzags or stripes of different color on the surface of enrobing products.(Add-on device)

small chocolate enrobing machine / bakery used chocolate enrober / chocolate enrobing production line supplier

A machine designed for coating the products fully or partly with compound or real chocolate.The enrober and cooling tunnel can be controlled by separately,so the cooling tunnel can be used with other chocolate making machine. The enrobing system complete with dispenser, heater, blower, wire-mesh belt vibrator and tail-cutting device. The chocolate feeding tank can be pulled easily from the bottom of the enrober for cleaning.

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