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Chocolate Making Equipment

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Chocolate Ingredient Mixer

multifunctional chocolate heating mixer in high quality

High efficiency multifunctional chocolate heating mixer

D1954 Steel Refined Chocolate Mixer Manufacturer

The refined chocolate mixer is to store the fine grinded chocolate mass in constant temperature which provides you a better and smooth taste; it is with automatic temperature control system.

High quality commercial hot chocolate mixer machine for sale

The CHOCOLATE MIXING MACHINE is to mix the raw materials such as sugar power, milk, melted cocoa butter...together evenly. The CHOCOLATE MIXING MACHINE is equiped with automatic water circuar system and automatic temperature control system.

350L Mixing Machine, Chocolate Mixer Machinery Supplier

CE Certification Mixing Machine, Chocolate Mixer Machinery

Authentic Supplier Industrial Chocolate Mixer Factory Price

Authentic Supplier Industrial Chocolate Mixer Factory Price

chocolate mixing machine chocolate mixer for sale

The tank with adoption of rated temperature(temperature adjustable) for retaining of fine ground chocolate paste material, via agitating makes chocolate have functions of degassing, eliminating smell and preventing the paste from the separation of oil and grease, etc. Our chocolate storage tank is water jacket. The jacket tank and cover are in stainless steel 304. It is heated by electrical immersion heater.

High Quality Mxing machine for chocolate Chocolate Conche Chocolate Conching Machine Supplier

There is ventilating fan or a hopper on the top of tank, surface cover is carbon steel with paint or ss304 shell. The material of the lining bars, scrapers are 65Mn Manganese Steel after heat treatment, they can prolong their life. The base and gearbox are cast iron, so it will be more stable and can make sure the fineness degree. The jacket tank is iron and heated by electricity.

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