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Chocolate Making Equipment

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Chocolate Thermal Tanks

ST-110 Stainless Steel Milk Household Storage Tank for sale

Application: Household storage tank is well used in food, beverage, honey, milk, yoghourt and fluid product storage.

Chocolate Melting Tank

Application: 1.This machine is one of the main machines in chocolate production line. 2.It is used for melting the cocoa butter .

Chocolate Machine Chocolate Paste Storage Tank Insulation Cylinder

Gusu chocolate storage tank equipped with rated temperature (temperature adjustable) is used for storing the fine milled chocolate paste via agitating to fulfill degassing, deodorization, dehydration and avoiding the separation of oil and grease of the paste, etc.

1000L chocolate constant temperature holding tank/chocolate storage tank/chocolate mixer machine for sale

QBJ series chocolate holding tanks are designed to store and keep at constant temperature liquid products such as: cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, chocolate, etc.

100L chocolate holding tank/chocolate mixer machine supplier

The Cream Chocolate Mixer Machine is to store the fine grinded chocolate mass in constant temperature which provides you a better and smooth taste; it is with automatic temperature control system.

500L Chocolate holding tank/chocolate mixer machine manufacturer

The holding tank is to store the fine grinded chocolate mass in constant temperature; It is with automatic temperature control system.

100L chocolate mixer tank for sale

Our chocolate melting and tempering mixer machine tank from 75kg to 6000kg, and we also can specially made according to your special needs. It can be used for melting, storage and heat maintaining for chocolate, axunge and similar coating materials. The stainless steel tank has a sandwich with constant temperature control, and a strong mixing and scraper device inside.

Chocolate holding tank Chocolate melting tank warm keeping tank Chocolate machine

The tank with adoption of rated temperature(temperature adjustable) for retaining of fine ground chocolate paste material, via agitating makes chocolate have functions of degassing, eliminating smell and preventing the paste from the separation of oil and grease, etc.

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