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Rice Flavoring Syrup

Rice flavoring syrup mainly consists of rice syrup, pure honey, natural plant concentration and fructose oligosaccharides.

Cleaning and washing Type and konjac Material konjac sponge organic, pure Konjac gum

Konjac is a plant that is found in China, Japan and Indonesia.

(Water soluble /stewed chicken flavor, savory flavor ,flavor enhancer) Chicken flavor for savory food

We supply all kinds of fruit flavours, such as stawberry flavour, banana flavour, apple flavour, grape flavour, orange flavour, pear flavour,coconut flavour,peach flavour,lychee flavour, pineapple flavour, cantaloupe flavour, guava flavour and so on.


used in food,such as bakery, beverage, dairy products, confectionery,ice cream and so on.

250 Bloom Gelatin For Gummy Bears

Type: Chewing Gum Bases, Emulsifiers, Flavoring Agents, Nutrition Enhancers, Stabilizers, Thickeners, edible grade, 250 bloom gelatin for gummy bears

Gelatin Leaf/Gelatin For Marshmallow/Edible Gelatin Powder

Packaging Details gelatin leaf is packed in woven bags inside & kraft bags outside 25 KGS net

High quality flavored gelatin for food additives

Gelatin contains 18 kinds of amino acids that human needs and has many incomparable characteristics in foodstuff as food additive such as gelatinizer, stabilizer, thickener, foamer, and swelling agent.