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Ice Cream Filling Machine

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Ice Cream Filling Machine

Ice cream filling machine is an intermittent motion, bull and filling cream multipurpose filling equipment. Mainly the production of ice cream cones, ice cream and a variety of flower garden. Flower of ice cream products. Double color, three color to perfusion of ice cream and ice cream and jam, ice cream and chocolate products, and pouring out plane cutting products. Ice cream cup cone filling machine with automatic cup, cup, stamped, gland (or heat sealing cap), sending function. Ice cream cup filler is controlled by a PLC computer, touch screen operation and mechanical control, simple adjustment, reliable operation, is ideal equipment for the domestic ice cream filling.

Cup Ice Cream Filling Machine

Cup ice cream filling machine is a necessary equipment for whole ice cream production line.The cup ice cream machine supplied by our suppliers is known for versatility and simplicity. It can be adjusted to cups of different shapes. You can choose different capacity, from big factory to middle and small business.

Cone Ice Cream Filling Machine

We offer high quality ice cream cone filling machine to our clients. These cone filling machines are widely applicated for filling ice-cream into cups and cones. In addition these ice cream filling equipment are also used for top filling chocolate or fruit syrup, dry nut sprinkling. These machines are available with card board lid dispenser, which is used for closing of cones and ejecting of the finished cones or cups.

Family Pack Ice Cream Filling Machine

Family pack ice cream has a larger package. We provide ice cup cone filling machine for family pack ice cream. Advanced technology is applied to cup and cone filling machine.So it has high efficiency and energy-saving. With this family pack ice cream filler you can save more cost and produce more ice cream.

Calippo Ice Cream Filling Machine

Calippo is a freezie brand owned by Unilever,it is a cheap ice lolly with good taste. It is made of 30% fruit juice and is 99% fat-free. Calippo ice cream filling machine can be used for manufacturing of Calippo ice cream. You can choose the capacity of the machine according to your business scale, suppliers will provide you best solution.


Audited Suppliers Show

MEC Ice Cream

Liaoning MEC Group  Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group with business scope including international project contracting, large complete equipment exports, domestic trade and engineering.
The group company was founded in 1994.Up to now, the average annual turnover is around 1.8 billion yuans, MEC has underpinned a solid partnership with domestic government branches, financial institutions and industrial enterprises and established a business network covering industrial, commercial and financial sectors in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.
As one of the biggest ice cream solution supplier in China.  we could provide customized whole solution for ice cream plant, from layout to installation, from pre-treatment system to rotary line, every requirement from the customer will be solved by our experienced engineers.
Our market share is increasing constantly, for the rotary line in China, our market share accounts for more than 70%. Besides, our products are also popular abroad, such as India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa etc.