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Ice Cream Production Line

Cheap Hot Sale Mini Soft Ice Cream Machine

Most energy saving,it only needs 2 kwh working 10 hours

table top soft serve ice cream machine / 3 flavor soft ice cream machine / ice cream mixer machine

Multi-functional, suitable for frozen yogurt ice cream, fruit ice cream, slush / slurry drink, juice, smoothie, cocktail

12L Good Quality Double Heads Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

The raw materials are yogurt ice cream powder or slurry. Through this frozen yogurt ice cream machines, you can add chocolate chips, fruit and other ingredients on the customer taste

Best Quality Cheap Ice Cream Machine

Hardness-control-system(HCS), 10 hardness parameter for any operator to make the same high-quality gelato.

Stick Ice Cream Machine

<div>Stick ice cream machine; Fully automatic; High capacity; This machine is used for producing stick type ice lolly. By changeing the moulds, you can produce different shapes of products. Please contact us! Email:<a href="mailto:yuyang@mec.com.cn"><strong>yuyang@mec.com.cn</strong></a></div>

Aluminum Alloy Contact Quick Freezer

<div>PD Aluminum Alloy Contact Freezer/PD Aluminum Alloy Contact Freezer Unit.Email:</div> <div><a href="mailto:yuyang@mec.com.cn"><strong>yuyang@mec.com.cn </strong></a></div>

Automatic Rolled Sugar Cone Baking/Making Machine

Fully-automatic baking machine to make ice cream sugar cone with high quality.This machine can make sugar rolled cone,egg roll,round thin biscuit,wafer biscuit and bowl-shaped cup.We can design the different baking machines to make different types of sugar rolled cones as required by clients.

Continuous Freezer

Adopts single in and single out structure for brine circulation Fully pneumatic working Ice cream size :55*46mm and 170mm long

Rolled Sugar Cone Baking Machine

45 pieces of baking plates Consumption of LPG: 4kg/h Max capacity: 2500piece/h Pressure of compressed air: 0.6Mpa Consumption of compressed air: 6m3/h Dimension: 3200×2700×1900mm Weight: 3000kg

Ice Cream Extrusion Machine

3 standard stations: single-arc cutting, horizontal pressing and 3-head filling system Adopts newest chain tension structure Complete electric appliance linkage, with 5 motors

Rollo Stick ice cream machine

Output: 15000 piece/hour Weight/piece: 50~250g All made by stainless and has double annular tank Small spaces, A compact structure

Ice Cream Filling Machine

Output: 7000~8000 piece/hour Weight/piece: 50~250g Adopts advanced electrical element to control Like Siemens TD-200operation screen, American MAC solenoid valve Suitable for large and medium-sized enterprise

Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine

37 pieces of baking plates Gas consumption: 5-6kgs/h Air blower: 1.5KW Producing capacity: 3600-4000pcs/h Cone angle: 18-23degree Length: 100mm-120mm Total weight: 4,000KGS Size: 7050*1900*1730mm

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