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Potato Chips Machine

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Potato Cutting Machine

DOWIN Potato Chips French Fries Cutting Machine

1. This is machine is an all-in-one machine. That means, it not only has function of washing and peeling potato, but also has function of slicing potatoes into pieces and chips. 2. It is whole made of stainless steel, automatic, with big capacity and good performance. 3.The cutting size,thickness can be adjusted.It can cut the potatoes into slices and sticks with high efficiency and good quality. 4. We can delivery the large orders ,and also can accept small order 1 set.

electric vegetable fruit aloe vera potato slicer dicer machine

Electric vegetable fruit aloe vera potato slicer/ dicer machine

electirc carrot yam potato root vegetable peeling cutting washing machine supplier

Vegetable Bubble washing Machine adopts high pressure to produce bubble. You could add circulating surfing with bubble washing and high pressure spraying for third times washing. It can separate silt or impurities efficiently. Machine supplied water continuously and water volume can be adjustable. It is convenient for user to adopt the handling capacity and washing cleanliness as requirement.

Potato Chips Slicing Machine Cutting Machine for Sale

This vegetables cutter is suitable for school kitchens, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory, supermarket, etc. It is easy to operate and convenient.

Commercial Vegatable Beet Carrot Cutting Potato Chips Slicer

This vegetables cutter is suitable for school kitchens, restaurant, big factory, food processing factory, supermarket, etc. It is easy to operate and convenient.

automatic electric potato chip stick cutter potato chips making machine

Corm and root vegetable cutting machine can be used to cut food, like turnip, potato, taro, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger, etc. It can cut them into slices, shreds and dices, just like potato chips, French fries and turnip shreds.

Electric Automatic Potato Chips Cutter Supplier

The deoiler machine is installed the shock protection system,the machine will not shock when it is working.The machine removes the material oil adopting the centrifugal principle with electromagnetic brake. It adopts digital automatic control system,easy and safe to operate. It is made of SUS 304 to meet the food hygienic standard. It is suitable for many kinds of fried food for deoiling.

high quality fried potato chips processing line potato chips french fries cutting machine for sale

1.QS series Potato Chips Machine/French Fries Machine is the traditional and popular machine on the basis of old machine. 2.It is easy to operate and clean and the output is high.The machine can separately cut potato chips and french fries and the thickness can be adjustable freely. The processed slices and sticks is of smooth surface without any damage.

Fruit and Vegetable Potato Chips Cutting Machine

The SCS-550 fruit and vegetable cutting machine is suitable for cutting food into slice, dice.

automatic commercial potato chips cutter french fries cutter for sale

Cut vegetables into slice, shred and dice. Also can cut slender vegetables and leafy vegetables. The length and thickness of the vegetables are adjustable.

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