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Potato Chips Machine

Potato Peeling Machine


Potato cleaning peeling machine is specially designed to clean and peel the round and oval-shaped root vegetables, like the potatoes, carrots, cassavas, and others.

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Automatic Sweet potato peeling machine

Rhizome peeling machine (potato, ginger, peeled, shell fish cleaning) is my company from the design characteristics of root vegetables, seafood processing machinery manufacturing at home and abroad, using brush theory.

High quality potato peeling machine for sale

Rhizome peeling machine (potato, ginger, peeled, shell fish cleaning) is my company from the design characteristics of root vegetables, seafood processing machinery manufacturing at home and abroad, using brush theory.

automatic industrial potato vegetable peeler stainless steel vegetable peeler potato peeling machine

Capacity:1000-1500kg/h Voltage:380v Power:2.25kw Roller quantity:9 pieces

Potato Blanch Machine


Blanching machine is used for blanching potato chips in the French fries & potato chips production line.

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Potato Chips Blanching Machine Supplier

Chain type blanching machine suitable for blanching vegetables, fruits and aquatic products before quick-freezing and dehydration, and especially suitable for easily-demaged and long-stripe-like products

high quality potato blanching machine vegetable blanching machine

Suitable for: * Fresh vegetables, melons and fruits. *Saline food, fungi, seafood. *Chinese herbal medicine granule, leafy, roots products. *Cleaning, soaking, bleaching very hot, the sterilization, disinfection, cooling, etc.

Vegetable Potato Cooking And Blanching Machine for Sale

Industrial Use Vegetable Potato Cooking And Blanching Machine

Potato Chips Dewatering machine


Potato chips dewatering machine adopts centrifugal principle to effectively remove the surface water of potato strips and slices before frying in the potato chips production line, with no damage to the potato and its inner nutrient.

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stainless steel steam heated potato drying machine supplier

The product is conveyed by mesh belt. The hot air is pressurized through the heat exchanger with the strong current fan, and the hot air is blown into the drying machine body which running mesh belt. The hot air in the body is convective, direct current, up and down circulation, and then discharged by the upper humidity outlet, so as to complete the drying purpose.

Fruit and Vegetable Dewatering Machine Potato Chips Dehydrator Machine for Sale

ATS-800 automatic centrifugal dewatering machine is suitable for draining the surface water of cut vegetable ,fruits,broken bits,sawdust,sesame,rice and other small granules. it's a necessary machine before fruit and vegetable drying, freeze drying and juicing.it meets the requirement of fully automatic of above processing line .

wind type drying machine potato dewatering machine supplier

Adopt wind type to draining the surface water. Mainly suitable to materials which after cutted and vegetable drying treated.

Potato Cutting Machine


Potato cutting machine is used for cutting potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables into strips, chips, and crinkle type.

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automatic commercial potato chips cutter french fries cutter for sale

Cut vegetables into slice, shred and dice. Also can cut slender vegetables and leafy vegetables. The length and thickness of the vegetables are adjustable.

high quality fried potato chips processing line potato chips french fries cutting machine for sale

1.QS series Potato Chips Machine/French Fries Machine is the traditional and popular machine on the basis of old machine. 2.It is easy to operate and clean and the output is high.The machine can separately cut potato chips and french fries and the thickness can be adjustable freely. The processed slices and sticks is of smooth surface without any damage.

automatic electric potato chip stick cutter potato chips making machine

Corm and root vegetable cutting machine can be used to cut food, like turnip, potato, taro, sweet potatoes, bamboo shoot, onion, eggplant, apple, ginger, etc. It can cut them into slices, shreds and dices, just like potato chips, French fries and turnip shreds.

Potato Chips Frying Machine


Potato chips frying machine is designed to fry various product such as potato chips, peanuts, broad beans, etc. These potato chips frying machine enjoys great popularity in medium and small food processing enterprises.

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Commercial potato chips fryer manufacturer

Jiaxin brand fried potato chips, French fries processing equipment is to absorb the essence of similar products, to retain the advantages of large-scale equipment for enrichment, and reference to users’ feedback information around the country to design and development. With a one-time investment is low, low energy consumption, multi-function, small size, high profits, easy maintenance and other advantages.

potato chips frying machine for peanut groundnut cashew walnut

After mixing oil and water automated tiering, after heating oil in the upper fried food, water sinking in the lower acceptance of waste.The waste can be promptly removed, It is different from the ordinary frying machine ,which will cause oil acid because of the black residue floating in short time and cause waste.

Gas Potato Chips Fryer Machine Manufacturer

Our automatic food industrial chips gas batch frying machine solution 1)Nuts frying solution 2)Coated/prepared food frying solution 3)Fish frying solution 4)All kind of snacks frying solution 5)Samosal,falafel,spring rolls frying solution 6)Meats products frying solution Others type of food frying solution, we supply customized food frying solution as demands.

Potato Chips Deoil Machine


Potato chips deoiling machine is mainly used to dry the oil off the surface of potato chips so that the potato chips looks and tastes better, become easier to be packed and saves cooking oil, such as potato chips, banana chips, and puffed food, and adopts centrifugal principle to make potatoes bright color, crisp flavor.

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Automatic Potato Chips Machine Potato Chips Deoiling Machine for Sale

The deoiler machine is installed the shock protection system,the machine will not shock when it is working.The machine removes the material oil adopting the centrifugal principle with electromagnetic brake. It adopts digital automatic control system,easy and safe to operate. It is made of SUS 304 to meet the food hygienic standard. It is suitable for many kinds of fried food for deoiling.

French Fries Deoiling Making Machine Potato Chips Production Line for Sale

Washing-washing peeling-picking line-cutter-vibrating-washing-blanching-vibrating dewater-drying line-vibrating deoil-cooling-seasoning line(freezer for french fries)-packing line

Chips Nuts Fryer Frying Oil Filtering Machine Supplier

Automatic Cassava Potato Chips Nuts Fryer Frying Oil Filtering Machine characteristics: stainless steel material: 304, automatic temperature control, automatic material discharge device. You can choose other two functions: automatic material and automatic stir. Heating method: coal-fired, diesel-fuel-fired, gas-fired, electric-fired. Selectable shape of charging basket square or round.

Chips Seasoning Machine


Potato chips seasoning machine is professional equipment for the flavoring and mixing the seasoning of the fried food, especially for potato chips, potato sticks, puffed food, peanut and other fried food, which is designed and made according to the shapes of the fried food.

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Potato Chips Seasoning Machine Mixing Factory Price

The potato chips seasoning machine mixing is divided to disc type and eight-square type,for eight -square type,there is semi-automatic discharging and automatic discharging.

DOWIN Stainless steel snack seasoning machine

Peanut Seasoning Machine/Snack Seasoning Machine/Medicine Pills Coating Machine is used in the food production in the process of food flavoring and Mainly used to process the potato chips, and other snacks,etc.

Reding Commercial Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

(1)Seasoning drum machine is a fully automatic device, easy operation, high output, spices evenly, made of stainless steel. (2)Seasoning barrel length and diameter can be customized according to customer needs. (3)Can be any food seasoning, spices. Which is currently the most advanced food flavoring device.

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