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Smoke Alarm

Chemical Batch Production Multi Shaft Mixer

<div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>Chemical Batch Production Multi Shaft Mixer </strong></span><br /> &nbsp;</div> <div><span style="font-size: medium;">1. Capacity: More than 1000L <br /> 2. Anchor blade with outside ribbon design </span></div>

CE ROHS certification cheap safety wireless large sound Smoke detector fire alarm

Professional experience manufacturer and ability to accept and fulfill ODM/OEM orders.

Mini high quality Fire Smoke Alarm smalll Fire Sound Smoke Detector

Answer your enquiries, questions and emails within 1 working day.

CE ROHS factory wholesale mini smoke detector for fire alarm

Working environment Temperature:-10°C~50°C,humidity:<=95%RH

Small home Security CE certification cheap safety wireless large sound Smoke detector fire alarm

One year quality guarantee for our products, lifetime service

Home security wireless infrared remote PIR detector motion sensor

Radio distance: 150m (open area without block)

Mini Fire Alarm Sensor for House Security wireless Smoke Detector

Professional experience manufacturer and ability to accept and fulfill ODM/OEM orders.

Mini wireless anti theft alarm with battery PIR detector motion sensor

low noise ,high sensitivity dual beams infrared

indoor pir motion sensor wireless pir detector

Radio distance: 150m (open area without block)

New high quality large voice window and door magnet sensor alarm

Easily mounted by stickers to windows or door and popular use in office and home

smoke detector smoke alarm with gsm alarm function

Durable Sensor Head; Excellent smoke access

smoke alarm dual sensor ionization & photoelectric

Low power consumption, high precision and stability

Fire Protection Ceiling Installing Smoke Alarms

Removable labyrinth for easy cleaning & maintenance

australian standard smoke alarm

Smoke Detector Designed to comply with EN-54 standards

photo electric smoke alarm

Low power consumption, high precision and stability

photoelectric types of smoke alarms for fire alarm

Auto-reset or power-off reset optional for 4 wire connection

GSM smoke alarm, wireless home security alarm system kit, gsm alarm 433mhz with smoke and heat detector

Backup rechargeable battery inside, AC power lost alert available.

FDL-421L cheap smoke detector of home security systems ,smoke alarm,smoke sensor

70% of all home fire deaths occurs in homes with no alarms or no working alarms, and nearly one quarter of smoke alarms in reported fire are not working. Our battery operated optical smoke alarm are designed to help protect you and your family from the dangers of fire.

FDL-CM1 co sensor / portable co detector, small size smoke alarm cheap smoke alarms co gas detector

Test/ Reset button to test the unit electrnoicsand verifies proper unit operational and reset the unit during CO alarm

FDL Battery-Operated smoke sensor Wireless Smoke Detector Fire Alarm Sensor Home Alarm Home Security indepedent Smoke Alarm

With a unique structure design and an intelligent MCU to process photoelectronic signals, it is provided with dust-proof, mothproof and anti-light interference etc. functions, ensuring the detector stability from design basis and suitable for all kinds of installation environments and also with the optional wireless interconnection function.

Multi-languages Intelligent 3G home alarm system wireless with gas/CO/fire/smoke detector

After a long time on market research, most of the core features of the hot sale Burglar Alarms in the present market were totally made into FDL-WFK16. However, our new innovations were also added, such as 3G sim card, dial to open the door, inbuilt 10+ different Operation languages, User friendly Operation Menu, etc.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Dual Home Fire Safety Wifi Sensor Detector

Sounding a loud alarm signal of exceeding 85 dB(3m) in alarm mode.

Pro Alert Home Safety CO/CO2/Gas/Smoke Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Warning Alarm

Adopt imported sensor,coordinate with our company solution effectively.

First Alert Mini High Security Network Control Gas Leak Detector Alarm

Alarm indication: red LED flashes and buzzer sounds

Home secuirty system flashes sound alarm home gas alarm detector

Alarm indication: red LED flashes and buzzer sounds

Micro Smoke Alarm with En14604

.Photoelectric sensing technology .Low-sensitivity warning .Low-battery warning & 10 years lifetime warning

Fire Detectors Smoke Detector Testing, Smoke Alarms

1 Photoelectric sensing technology 2 Sleek low-profile housing design 3 Low-sensitivity warning

New Smoke Alarm Have 10 Years Life Time

Sentek is a company specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing fire & security detection products, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, combustible and toxic gas detectors, magnetic door contact switches, PIR mostion sensors and so on.

UL Approved Conventional Conbined Smoke and Heat Alarm

SMD circuit board design: satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed

Analogue Addressable Smoke Detector

SMD circuit board design-satisfactory quality and reliability guaranteed

Sensitive Wired Conventional Heat Detector Fire Alarms HD912

Normai open and normal closed selectable rely output

Independent Smoke Detector Fire Alarm

Sound-light smoke detector can be called detector that particles refraction of the infrared light to detector fire .

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