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China-U.S. Trade War - German Media: Chinese products can hardly be replaced

Date : 2018-04-25 | From : Original
German media said that China and the US have not negotiated on how to ease the atomsphere of trade war. Some analysts believe that price inflation can not be avoided once the trade war starts and Apple's devices may be affected. In addtion many products from China can not be replaced.
According to Deutsche Welle website on April 21, in the trade dispute with China, the tariff measures so far announced by President Donald Trump have little effect on American consumers. For example, tariff measures announced in January and March deliberately ruled out the vast majority of entertainment electronics products.
However, in April Trump announced once again that it will impose tariffs of 100 billion U.S. dollars on products exported from China. According to analysis, for American consumers, the scope of these measures will inevitably lead to price inflation. The U.S. government first have to face the decision that which enterprise will suffer more from this, Wal-Mart or Apple. It is also reported that the retail business in the United States is also difficult to escape bad luck.
The report said that the supply chain in the United States will be hit, because so far a lot of equipment is shipped to China by the United States, where it is assembled and then shipped back to the United States.
According to reports, US allies such as South Korea and Japan that provide displays and software for Apple devices will also face similar problems. Many products from China have almost no alternative source. A good example is Christmas tree light, which the United States imports from China every year in price of 402 million dollars.
Some experts are skeptical of these measures taken by the U.S. government. An economist at the Peterson Institute, warned with an English idiom that "corresponds to one's own feet." He believes that "the damage to China may only hurt a toe."
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