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Expanding Important to Upgrade the Boost of Foreign Trade Transformation

Date : 2018-05-29 | From : Origianl
According to a recent joint statement from China and the United States, China will substantially increase its purchase of agricultural products and energy products from the United States. In this regard, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce told the media in May 23rd that it would be China's long-term policy to expand imports from the growing consumption needs of the Chinese people and to promote the development of high quality economic development. The Sino US economy has strong complementarity and Sino US trade has great potential. China welcomes high-quality and competitive American products to enter the Chinese market.
For China entering the new era, the initiative to expand imports is not only "to meet the growing consumption demand of the Chinese people and to promote the development of high quality economy". For China, which is moving from the economic and trade country to the economic and trade power, the expansion of imports will also boost the transformation and upgrade of foreign trade and accelerate China's foreign trade. The structural transformation will provide a new impetus for the accelerated development of China's economy from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage.
Import and export is the "two wings" of foreign trade, which is an important part of China's deep participation in international division of labor and integration into global value creation chain.  In the new era of high quality of economic development, further expansion of imports, especially the import of high and new technology, high quality products and high value-added services, will help to make up the gap in domestic resources, optimize the domestic factor structure, increase the effective supply of domestic, and promote the innovation of high science and technology and new economy. Enter the domestic industrial structure adjustment, improve economic efficiency and product quality, so as to give play to the import leverage on macroeconomic balance and structural transformation.
The active expansion of the more scarce domestic core resources can break through the bottleneck of the supply of elements; actively expand import advanced technology and equipment, bring into play the technology spillover effect, integrate and upgrade its original advantages, attract high quality foreign direct investment, and expand the import with technology innovation actively, and can save a lot of research and development. Cost, give full play to the transmission mechanism of technological progress, stimulate the innovation ability of domestic enterprises, expand import more high-tech intermediates, promote industrial structure upgrading, improve production efficiency, enhance the international competitiveness of "made in China" products, and actively expand import more advanced and more technical services It can effectively break through the constraints of domestic factor supply and form a benign integration, intensive and transmission mechanism for manufacturing industry.
For a long time, the import of capital goods with significant technical spillover effect in the import of goods is very low, which leads to the lack of strength and level in the field of manufacturing and research and development of many core products. By expanding the import of high technology machinery and equipment and intermediate products to achieve technological diffusion, it can accelerate the technical level of production products, increase productivity in the progress of domestic technology and expand the comparative advantage in foreign trade, and win the new advantage of foreign trade competition. Therefore, on the basis of their own scientific and technological progress, actively expanding the import of advanced foreign technology and key equipment will play an important role in speeding up our country's scientific and technological progress, promoting the high quality development of the national economy, and promoting the optimization of the export industrial structure and the product structure.
Compared with developed countries, the development structure of China's service trade is still unbalanced. China's service trade is relatively weak in capital intensive and knowledge intensive service industries, which leads to the inferior international competitiveness of China's overall service trade. When the production efficiency and technical level of the manufacturing industry is more and more dependent on the quality of service as intermediate inputs, more advanced and highly technical services enter the Chinese market for the high efficiency and high quality of China's manufacturing and economic development.
The higher the technology content of the import of service trade, the more advanced the elements of knowledge, technology and information include, the more advanced elements of the manufacturing industry will be required or the more intensive development of the technology, management, and so on. Therefore, to expand the import of service products and high-end service links with high spillover and high relevance, and to promote independent innovation of service products and high-end service links, pay more attention to the interaction between the promotion of the technical content of service trade import and the FDI of the advanced production service industry. It is to make full use of the resources of high quality service industry in the world to drive the service industry, especially the high-end students in China. The development of producer services is the right choice for the transformation of China's manufacturing industry and economic development mode. This is a new path for China to transform its economic growth mode at present.
The long-term economic prospects of a country should be determined by the long-term supply prospects of a country. "Actively expanding import" can not only increase the effective supply of high quality production factors in China, promote the strategic promotion of production factors from the introduction, cultivation to release, but also realize the stronger conduction of import to economic growth, more competitive vitality into the domestic industrial transformation, and boost the manufacturing and service industries into the global value chain. Middle and high end. It can be said that the historical transformation from "export oriented" to "actively expanding imports" is intended to achieve "a great deal" of import and export in foreign trade, which is the only way for China's foreign trade to become stronger, but also the inevitable requirement of high quality and inclusive and sustainable development of China's economy in the new era.
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