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Exportimes was invited to the French Yacht Show

Date : 2016-05-13 | From : Exportimes


From 17th to 22nd September 2014, European"Horizon China"Water Sports and Yacht Show was held in Charente-Maritime, southern part of France. Thissession of the exhibition was held in a time when China and France hasestablished diplomatic relations for 50 years, also, it is the first time Chinawas invited as a honored gust to join the show. As a cross-border e-commerceservice platform, Liaoning MEC Group-Exportimes was invited to this show, helpsto realize SMEs trade facilitation between the two countries.




During the exhibition, governor ofCharente-Maritime Domenico ? Bussereau and vice-governor Jean ? Claude ? Pollycame to our booth. They are very thrilled after learning about our company canprovide "one-stop" international trade service for French SMEs. Theyhope Expotimes can assist more French SMEs to purchase in China, especially offer somespecific supports, such as financing, quality guarantee and product promotion,ect.



On 3rd day of the show, Zhu Jianyi,counselor of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the France and alsocame to visit our booth. After knowing the operating models of Exportimes, Zhuencouraged us to redouble efforts to build a bridge to realize Sino-Frenchcooperation in cross-border e-commerce.


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