Industrial Chain Cooperation needed for China & Russia-Exportimes

Industrial Chain Cooperation needed for China & Russia

Date : 2018-05-02 | From : Origianl
Recently, the meeting between the Russian President’s Consultant and the Chinese Entrepreneurs and the Opening Ceremony of the Russian Chinese Investor and Entrepreneur Support Center was held in Beijing
The Secretary-General of China Overseas Industries Development Association He Zhen Wei introduced the main tasks: First, establish a China-Russian regional cooperation to develop the investment fund for cooperation, which using for the major projects in two countries. Second,promote China-Russian international transportation, The transportation corridors “Binhai 1” and “Binhai 2” project proceeded smoothly, Third, the cooperation between the two countries in the nuclear field was promoted, Russia had advanced technology, China had an advantage in capital and market, and both parties could jointly carry out third parties for the construction of nuclear power plants and the mining of glazes, etc. Fourth, to promote China-Russia deep cooperation in the agricultural field.
Russia’s presidential adviser, Glaziyev, stated that although the two countries have much more experiences in cooperation, the potential for cooperation is still need to being tapped. In addition to establishing China-Russian cooperation and development investment fund, China and Russia should also achieve the connection between the “One Belt and One Road” and the Eurasian Economic Union as soon as possible, and look for projects that are of interest to both parties, so that Russian companies can play an active role in it. Besides that, since China-Russian trade is mainly settled in U.S. dollars, so in order to minimize the impact of U.S. sanctions on Russia, China and Russia should accelerate the settlement of bilateral trade with rubles and renminbi.
Feng Yujun, director of the Institute of Central Asian Studies at Fudan University, pointed out that because the United States dominates the international financial system, the U.S. and Western countries' sanctions against Russia have greatly reduced the possibility of China’s investment in Russia. And space. Therefore, the establishment of regional cooperation funds or other forms of funds in domestic currency-denominated cooperation between China and Russia is obviously an important method of evading sanctions.
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