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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Looking forward for the four major achievements of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation

Date : 2018-08-24 | From : Original
The Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in 2018 will be held in Beijing from September 3rd to 4th. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a briefing for Chinese and foreign media in the press room on the morning of August 22. State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong introduced the relevant situation of the summit.
Four important achievements are worth looking forward to
The theme of the summit was "Together and Win-win, and work together to build a closer community of fate between China and Africa." Wang Yi said at the briefing that this is another great reunion of the China-Africa friendship family after the 2006 Beijing Summit and the Johannesburg Summit in 2015. It is also the largest foreign leader presented by China this year. The most home diplomacy. At that time, many African leaders and AU members will lead the delegation. The UN Secretary-General will be the special guest, and 27 international and African regional organizations will also attend the summit activities as observers.
Wang Yi said that President Xi Jinping pointed out that China should deepen its solidarity and cooperation with developing countries and promote a new situation of joint development and common development. Hosting the Forum Beijing Summit is a consistent requirement for China and Africa to comprehensively deepen China-Africa friendship and cooperation and actively respond to global challenges. It is also the proper meaning of China's implementation of Xi Jinping's diplomatic thinking and the practice of true sincerity and correctness. We believe that the successful holding of the Beijing Summit will once again demonstrate the strong vitality of China-Africa solidarity and cooperation and promote the good momentum of the overall development of the developing countries. Converging the just forces of the international community to promote the development of a peaceful society. I look forward to the Beijing Summit to achieve the following four important results:
First, the summit will send out a new call to build a closer community of fate between China and Africa.
China and Africa have always been the community of destiny and commonality. In international affairs, they have a natural affinity and many common languages. Faced with the profound and complex evolution that is taking place in the international situation, both China and Africa have a strong desire and realistic need to strengthen unity and cooperation and meet the changing times.
The theme of this Beijing Summit is clearly the theme of "cooperation and win-win, building a closer China-Africa destiny community", reflecting the common aspirations of China and Africa to promote traditional friendship, and also demonstrates the firm determination of China and Africa to seek cooperation and development. The leaders of China and Africa are discussing the country together, strengthening strategic guidance, enriching the connotation of the era of the China-Africa destiny community, and making new contributions to promoting the building of a community of human destiny.
Second, the summit will write a new movement for the development of Africa in the “Belt and Road”.
Africa is a natural and historical extension of the “Belt and Road” and an important direction for the construction of the “Belt and Road”. Many African countries strongly hope to participate in the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation. China is willing to conduct consultations with the non-Party and full consultation, and in the spirit of consultation, co-construction and sharing, to build the "Belt and Road" initiative with the implementation of the AU 2063 Agenda, the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the development strategies of African countries. The combination of land and ground, actively promote China-Africa policy communication, facility connectivity, trade smooth, capital finance and people's hearts, thus opening up new space for Africa's development and revitalization, providing new impetus.
Third, the summit will set a new path for China-Africa cooperation to move toward a higher level.
China-Africa cooperation has entered a new stage of upgrading quality and efficiency. During the summit, a series of bilateral cooperation agreements will be signed through the two major outcome documents of the Declaration and the Action Plan, and the priority areas and key directions of China-Africa cooperation in the next three years and in the future will be comprehensively planned, especially those The livelihood and employment of Shaoguan in Central Africa are in line with the areas and directions needed for the transformation and upgrading of China-Africa cooperation.
The results of these summits will transform the strong willingness of both sides to deepen pragmatic cooperation into practical actions, and further integrate China's capital, technology, equipment, talents and other advantages with Africa's natural resources, demographic dividends, market potential and other endowments, and clarify specific cooperation. The path will help Africa to foster the ability to develop independently, accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization in Africa, and at the same time promote China-Africa cooperation to a higher level.
Fourth, the summit will play a new melody that connects the people of China and Africa with their hearts and minds.
Before and after the forum summit, China and Africa will hold 14 sub-forums and supporting activities, focusing on exchanges and cooperation in the humanities fields such as youth, local, private, poverty alleviation, think tanks and media, which will fully reflect the comprehensive nature of China-Africa cooperation. And the trend of diversification has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and confidence of the participation of all sectors of China and Africa in the summit.
The Beijing Summit will further launch a number of people-centered cooperation initiatives to encourage the Chinese and African people to participate more, deepen the understanding of the Chinese and African people, and provide a more abundant and sweet source of water for the development of China-Africa relations.
In particular, the Beijing Summit will focus on the friendly exchanges between the youth groups of the two sides, which will enable China-Africa friendship to be promoted and passed on.
China will comprehensively expound new ideas and new ideas for strengthening relations with Africa
Wang Yi said that since the establishment of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in the past 18 years, it has been working with the new century, and has cooperated with China and Africa to adhere to the principles of mutual cooperation, joint construction and sharing, and has formed an equal, pragmatic and efficient feature. Adhere to a blueprint in the end, but also good at advancing with the times and innovation. After years of development and accumulation, the China-Africa cooperation under the framework of the Forum has achieved remarkable results and witnessed the results. It has been unanimously welcomed by the Chinese and African people and highly appraised by the international community. Today, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum has become a resounding brand of China-Africa cooperation and has become a flag to lead international cooperation and promote South-South cooperation.
Three years ago, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Johannesburg Summit was successfully held. The two sides agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Africa and opened a new journey of win-win cooperation and common development. In the past three years, China-Africa high-level exchanges have been very close. President Xi Jinping visited Africa three times. Nearly 30 heads of state and government of African countries visited China or came to China to attend the meeting. President Xi Jinping has met and exchanged many times with leaders of many African countries on international occasions. China and Africa have worked closely together to fully implement the results of the Joburg Summit. At the time, President Xi Jinping proposed that the China-Africa cooperation plan is progressing smoothly. The various commitments and arrangements made by China have been implemented. At the upcoming Beijing Summit, we are confident that we will come up with a new commitment letter that will satisfy both African and Chinese people.
In introducing the summit arrangement, Wang Yi said that the opening ceremony of the high-level dialogue meeting between the leaders of China and Africa and the representatives of the business and the sixth China-Africa Entrepreneur Conference will be held on the morning of September 3, which will kick off the series of activities of the summit. On the afternoon of September 3, the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation will hold an opening ceremony in the Great Hall of the People. President Xi Jinping will deliver an important keynote speech, comprehensively expounding China's new ideas and new ideas on strengthening relations with Africa, and proclaiming China's pragmatic cooperation with Africa. The new actions and new initiatives will focus on China-Africa cooperation in the fields of industrial development, infrastructure, trade and investment, human resources development, science, education, culture, environmental protection and peace and security. These new important measures will be more in line with the actual needs of African countries' economic transformation and development. They will have stronger timeliness, inclusiveness and distinctive characteristics of the times, which will not only promote the cooperation between China and Africa, but also accelerate the improvement of efficiency and efficiency. Non-comprehensive strategic partnerships inject new impetus.
Wang Yi said that the round table of leaders of China and Africa will be held throughout the day on September 4. President Xi Jinping and South African President Rama Fosa will host the two stages of discussion in the afternoon and afternoon respectively. The leaders of China and Africa will have an in-depth exchange of views on the development of China-Africa relations and international and regional issues of common concern. The meeting will adopt the Beijing Declaration on Building a Closer Community of China-Africa Destiny and the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Action Plan 2019- 2021 "The two important outcome documents. After the round table, President Xi Jinping will meet with South African President Ramafusa and the new non-party co-chairman of the forum to meet with reporters and give a comprehensive introduction to the outcome of the summit.
In addition, when Chen Xiaodong answered questions at the briefing, he said that the summit will welcome three new members, Gambia, Sao Tome and Principe and Burkina Faso. At present, 54 countries in Africa and Swaziland have not established diplomatic relations with China. According to the regulations of the forum, countries that have not established diplomatic relations will not be invited to participate in the summit. We hope that all African countries will participate in the collective cooperation of China and Africa and the gathering of large and medium-sized families in China and Africa. I believe this is not only the hope of the Chinese side but also the common expectation of the vast number of African countries. I believe this goal will be achieved in the near future.
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