President of the Liaoning Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Han Qing, and his party investigated the Exportimes-Exportimes

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President of the Liaoning Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Han Qing, and his party investigated the Exportimes

Date : 2018-08-02 | From : ordinary

In order to conscientiously implement the strategic plan for the provincial party committee and the provincial government to lead the overall revitalization with comprehensive opening, to better understand the actual needs of Liaoning's foreign trade comprehensive service platform-exportimes, improve and fully utilize the CCPIT service-driven function, July 18, Liaoning The provincial CCPIT President Han Qing led the relevant departments of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment and the International Chamber of Commerce Affairs to investigate the Exportimes.

The Exportimes first expressed sincere gratitude to the Liaoning Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade for its care and guidance. It also introduced the functional advantages of the one-stop service of the international trade full value chain featuring financing tax rebates and Internet overseas market development. At the same time, the platform is constantly innovating in helping Liaoning enterprises to simplify foreign trade business processes, avoiding risks and reducing costs. The Exportimes also hopes to take this opportunity to explore with the Liaoning Provincial Council for the Promotion of Trade how to provide tailor-made trade facilitation for both member companies service.

After listening to the report of the Exportimes, President Han affirmed the positive role played by the platform in helping enterprises to “go global”, and further understood the financing operation process before the platform, the refund of the tax refund service fee, and the use of Google Internet precision marketing in the province. The size of the business and the cost of the content. President Han hopes that the Exportimes will seize the favorable opportunity for Liaoning Province to accelerate the opening of the frontier position in Northeast Asia, consolidate the existing market, and at the same time give full play to the unique advantages of "Internet + foreign trade" and big data development market, tailor-made services for enterprises. To achieve mutual benefit and win-win. At the same time, the following suggestions are proposed for cooperation between the two parties:

1. The Liaoning Provincial Trade Promotion Council will play its own role and provide better services for the Exportimes in terms of exhibitions, legal services, international liaison, and rulemaking;

2. Jointly organize special trainings for member companies to improve the “extroverted thinking” of Liaoning enterprises and guide the transformation and development of enterprises;

3. Organically combine the exhibition platform of Liaoning Provincial Trade Promotion Association with the comprehensive service platform for foreign trade in the Exportimes, concentrate resources, form an atmosphere first, then form cohesiveness, and finally form results.


Next, under the support of the Liaoning Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Exportimes will give full play to the functions and functions of Liaoning's comprehensive foreign trade service platform, actively explore new modes of cooperation, and provide customized solutions for financing, market development and training for member companies. Helping companies sail to the sea.

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