Sea-rail combined transport speeds up China's international trade-Exportimes

Sea-rail combined transport speeds up China's international trade

Date : 2018-07-19 | From : Original
The China-Singapore Interconnection Southward Passage is an international cooperation project for China to promote international cooperation with Southeast Asian countries and build a community of destiny between China and ASEAN. Since the opening of the first-to-south sea-rail intermodal train on September 28 last year, the cumulative number of trains has been 355. From July 18th, the China-Singapore Southbound Passage between Qinzhou Port and Chongqing began to operate daily.
At 14:30 on July 18, with the 79,748 container trains departing from Qinzhou East Port Station, the Beibu Gulf and Chongqing Inter-class trains began daily. This international train is loaded with architectural ceramics, auto parts and other products, all imported from ASEAN.
Huang Guanghui, director of the Qinzhou Port Station of the Nanning Railway Bureau: We increased the name of the train delivery to 41, and worked closely with many port companies in Guangxi to jointly organize the supply and ensure the daily operation of the train.
Chine-Singapore Southbound Passage from Qinzhou Port have reached 35 countries and 58 ports, and 13,324 containers have been shipped. Through the iron-sea combined transport, the flight from Guangxi to the main port of ASEAN is about 20 days ahead of schedule. The railway transportation time between Guangxi and Chongqing is shortened by about 12 days compared with water transportation. At present, the three ports belonging to Beibu Gulf have developed into a deep-water port with an annual throughput of 120 million tons. It has 30 foreign trade routes for container liners, covering Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, India and other countries and regions.
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