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The exportimes was invited to participate in the 2018 Shenyang Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum

Date : 2018-09-30 | From : ordinary

On September 28, 2018, hosted by Shenyang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and Shenyang Weinan District People's Government, the 2018 Shenyang Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum hosted by Shenyang Weinan National E-Commerce Demonstration Base was launched in Shenyang Innovation World International Report. The hall was grandly held. The exportimes was invited to participate in and published the "Google Big Data to help Liaoning Province's advantageous industries go out" keynote speech.

The forum is based on the theme of “open innovation, integrated development”, focusing on how to use cross-border e-commerce to expand international market share, expand foreign trade marketing network, transform foreign trade development mode, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and enhance cross-border e-commerce development environment. The discussion of the topic aims to explore new concepts and opportunities for cross-border e-commerce development in Shenyang, promote the integration and development of cross-border e-commerce and characteristic industrial clusters, and make cross-border e-commerce a new engine for promoting foreign trade growth in Shenyang. Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, Shenyang Municipal Government, Shenyang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Shenyang Districts and Counties, China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance and other relevant department leaders and experts and scholars in Liaoning Province, the province The heads of foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce typical enterprises attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chen Liyuan, deputy director of the Shenyang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, delivered a speech. He pointed out that the vigorous development of cross-border e-commerce has infiltrated traditional trade and continuously promoted our deep integration with the Internet in the field of foreign trade. As a national heavy industry base mainly based on equipment manufacturing, Shenyang City will actively explore a new model of cross-border trade e-commerce management based on the comprehensive test area, and firmly grasp the opportunity of the national “Belt and Road” strategy and the construction of a free trade pilot zone. Play a leading role in Shenyang's open cooperation, regional economic development and institutional innovation in Northeast Asia, further improve the level of opening up to the outside world, focus on building an international factor convergence platform, broaden the path of enterprises entering the international market, foster new advantages in foreign trade competition, and promote the old industrial base in Northeast China. The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries will drive the simultaneous development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Xu Yanfeng, CEO of the exportimes, shared the theme of Google Big Data's role and success in boosting Liaoning's advantageous industries. As a cross-border e-commerce service platform in Liaoning Province, the one-stop service of the international trade full value chain provided by the exportimes can not only help enterprises solve the problems of cost, risk, channel and capital in the export process, but also serve as the Northeast region. The only Google partner can also help our province's enterprises to explore overseas markets, promote global brand marketing, and promote foreign trade transformation and upgrading with Google's global leading marketing strategy and big data support. The cooperative customers include Bingshan Group, CSIC, Liaoning Huihua Group and other well-known enterprises. They have nearly 100 advantages in refrigeration compressors, castings, aluminum, rail vehicles, machine tools, engines, processing equipment, transformers and steel. The product has been promoted overseas.


In the round-table forum, around the theme of “Cross-border e-commerce comprehensive exhibition area, how to 'cross-out the new model of Shenyang e-commerce development”, under the auspices of Sun Yong, executive secretary of China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance, China International Li Mingtao, Dean of E-Commerce Center Research Institute, Tang Bingyong, Chairman of China Cross-border E-Commerce Application Alliance, Wei Sen, General Manager of Liaoning Fangde Co., Ltd., Xu Yanfeng, CEO of Export Times, and Lian Mingyue, Secretary General of Liaoning Cross-border E-commerce Association, respectively explained themselves. Understanding and perception.

As the world's leading digital marketing method, Google Ads can provide a complete solution for the development of corporate promotion strategies. It is an important way to realize the transformation and upgrading of the northeast equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, it has also received the attention of relevant government departments at the provincial and municipal levels. Strong support. In 2017, accompanied by the exportimes, Zeng Xiaofei, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, visited Google's headquarters in Shanghai and Beijing to learn and understand the application and success stories of Google's digital marketing technology. The director of Shenyang Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau The company went to Google's Beijing headquarters to investigate and tailor a specific cooperation plan for the development of cross-border e-commerce for Shenyang.

On April 14, 2017, Vice Minister Zeng Xiaofei of the Department of Commerce visited Google Headquarters (Shanghai)


On November 6, 2017, the Director of the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Shenyang City, Gao Hang, investigated the Google headquarters (Beijing)


As the only B2B platform in the north that has been selected as the national e-commerce demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce for three consecutive years, the “Export Times” under the Liaoning Meike Group Co., Ltd., an e-commerce integrated innovation pilot project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is not only the comprehensive foreign trade service platform of Liaoning Province, but also Dalian's first foreign trade comprehensive service platform and foreign trade e-commerce entrepreneurial innovation training base, currently has 10,293 member companies. In 2015, the “Evening Times” became the only Google Ads partner in the Northeast, and gradually integrated the world's leading Internet precision marketing services such as Yandex (Russia's largest search engine), Facebook, and LinkedIn into the platform service system. In addition to providing a large amount of commercial information, the exportimes can also be extended to the mid-end and back-end transactions and after-sales service areas. From the market development, customs declaration, charter booking, tax rebates, financing, etc., the international trade full value chain can be provided. One-stop service.


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