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Face Recognition Algorithm

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Face Recognition Algorithm

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Face Recognition Algorithm   facial identification technology Custom Biometric System Product

Face Recognition


Miaxis's Justouch® facial recognition technology is one of biometric recognition technologies based on processing information of facial features, mainly used to automatically detect and track face then process each faces image in still images and video streams that captured by webcams or cameras and identify user's identity.


Available as a software development kit that allows easily integration into final products or biometric systems to realize identity management, national ID card verification and other functions based on advanced face recognition technology. Widely applied to smart finance,intelligent security scenarios.



●Face detection&tracking

Quickly and accurately detect the face and track location of each face in still image or video streaming


●Accurate Localization of Facial Feature Points

Accurately locate the key feature points on the face in the picture (5 key points such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.), used to determine the face posture and face alignment


●Face image quality assessment

A quality threshold can be used during face enrollment to ensure that only the qualified face template will be stored into database to decrease the effect of image quality on matching performance.


●Live face detection

A conventional face identification system can be tricked by placing a photo in front of the camera.

We are able to prevent frauds with using photograph or 3D printed mask with SDK as follows,

1) active mode with face images captured in visible light: SDK requires user actively assist to perform particular actions such as open mouth, head movements to judge it's a 'live' human or not.

2) Near-infrared version: using imaging features of Near-infrared to achieve high robustness of live face detection.


Automatic Biometric Identification System

It can be used for fast matching in 1:1 mode (verification), as well as 1:N(n= large database size) mode (identification).  Verify if it's same person by calculates two faces's similarity based on features extraction. If the matching score is higher than the pre-defined facial matching threshold then the input template is said to have successfully matched with the stored template. 


Justouch® facial recognition algorithm is capable of fast processing speed,high accuracy and easy to integrate, available as a standard and customized version software development kits for windows, android,linux platforms to support our industry partners and system integrators.

A. Enrollment requirements

The facial authentication algorithm is based on the face recognition from two-dimensional images or videos. The following corresponding basic requirements for images and videos

Angle tolerance

Head Roll<35°  Head Tilt<20°  Head Yaw<30°


Uniform illumination, can be identified if backlight and exposure are not seriously bad


The contour of the face is clearand the locations of facial features can be recognized.


It is necessary to ensure the integrality of the face, and the contour of face is all in the picture;and make sure the key parts of the face such as the eyes, nose and mouth would not be obstructed by any subjects.


B. Face algorithm performance

Template extraction speed(a single template) with a 640x480 image size

Windows withi5-8250U processor


Android with RK3288

≤ 300ms

Min. Image size

≥ 35 pixels between eyes for best performance

Matching speed(1:1 mode)

Windows withi5-8250U processor


Android with RK3288


Template size

as small as 4 Kilobytes

Algorithm Accuracy

FAR ≤0.01%

FRR ≤1%(Still image 1-to-1 matching)

FRR ≤2%(Still image 1-to-1 matching against image stored onto person's ID card)

FRR ≤5%(1-to-N matching against the whole database,N=5000)

Multi platforms


The company is Chinese's industry-leading developer and manufacturer of biometric system and fingerprint recognition algorithm.  Based on over 18 years of industry experience and we are the key vendor of fingerprint scanner for Chinese resident ID card program approved by the ministry of Public Security.

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Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of XGD.COM, is Chinese’s industry-leading developer and manufacturer of biometric fingerprint devices and multi-biometrics systems (facial,fingerprint,finger vein etc) for identity management with core technologies of image processing and world renowned biometric recognition algorithms.

We provide both advanced capacitive & optical fingerprint scanner and verification terminal series and turnkey biometric solution including smart E-door lock system solution, visiting access control management soluiton, bank teller fingerprint management solution and so on, widely applied to finance, security, government affairs, police, home automation industries.

Based on over 18 years of industry experience, Miaxis is the pioneer of fingerprint recognition technology in domestic financial industry with more than 50% market share and key vendor of fingerprint scanner for Chinese resident ID card program approved by the ministry of Public Security.

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Face Recognition Algorithm

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