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Hunan Chunlong Bamboo Co., Ltd.  

Year Established:2011

Business Type:Business Service

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Operational Address:
Xiaowen Village Group, Zhumutan Village, Taohuajiang Town, Taojiang County, Yiyang, Hunan, China (Mainland)

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Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts

Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts
  • Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts
  • Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts
  • Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts
  • Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts

Product Details


Quick Details

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Style: Plain
  • Pattern: Wrap-around and Underlayer
  • Technics: Woven
  • Size: see follow details
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Feature: Anti-Bacteria, Air-Permeable, Anti Dust Mite
  • Use: Home, Hospital, Hotel
  • Place of Origin: Hunan, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Chunlong
  • Model Number: CL10005CC
  • Name: Chunlong Mat
  • Color: natural
  • Packing: Carton
  • Type: Carbonized
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • Design: Cutting Reel Mat
  • Package: Air Bubble Film

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Bamboo mat with fiber bag. 
The 68.00cbm container can include 8000 square meters of bamboo mat. 
The 40.00cbm container can include 3600 square meters of bamboo mat.
Delivery Detail: About 2-10 days

Long history adult sleeping mat made by pure hand crafts


3.Instruction manual:

Remark:when you received bamboo mat from us, you need to check the quality of the bamboo mat.

For first using, put the mat on the bed and use the wet towel to clean bamboo mat. When it is dry, you need to use dry towel to wipe again (to prevent bamboo thorn hurt your body).

Chunlong summer mat needn't wash and soak with water. It's not like a clothing. It have been sterilizated on high temperature's environment.

It is forbidden to wash and soak with hot water above 40 degrees. Because it will make the dichotomanthes lines and thin fish tape aging,  thereby affecting the working life. If you using wet towel to clean (soak and wash ) the mat, we won't promise to exchange and return the goods.

About the clean ways:

Before sleeping, you need to use the wet towel to wipe the bamboo mat's front everyday. After, you'll feel more cool and comfortable.

If the gap has some greshoch, you can turn over the bamboo mat, and gently pat, and then clean the front of the mat.

Collection: It's the best that dry it on dry and sunny day. Then use the correct way to clean and dry. Next step fold it and put in the bag.  When you close the bag, the bag mouth can be appropriately left a little gap for air circulation.

Remark: the storage environment must be dry, clean and ventilation.

Special Note: as the dichotomanthes and fishing tape are plastic,  in low temperature environment long time and open it. It's easy to break. It is the best when the air temperature up to 25 degrees. 

Strictly prohibit soak long time.
Strictly prohibit use up 40 degrees hot water to clean and soak.  It'll  make the dichotomanthes line and fish tape line both aging.

Strictly prohibit exposed to the sun.

Strictly prohibit use salt water, strong chlorine detergent for cleaning.

Purchase Notes:

1.When you received the goods, and find the quality is not good, please contact is within 48 hours.

Not properly follow these instructions. If you are using use caused any problems, buyers assume responsibility for their own.

2.About the delivery time. In stock, delivery within 72 hours. No stock, delivery within 7 days. Special product customization based on the time commitment from customer service.

3. About the bamboo thorn: Due to using the machine to cut the bamboo,  so there will be a little bamboo thorn. It cannot clean  entirely. Please use the dry towel clean some times.

4. About the odor: 

There are four factors:1. bamboo mat is carbonized

                                   2. dichotomanthes and fish tape are plastic products

                                   3.  the hot weather

                                   4.  closed bag

Solution: Open the bag and put the bamboo mat on the dry and ventilation environment. Several days later, the odor will be gone.

Remark: Odor allergy, please be carefull to buy!

Tips multiple pages odor problems, therefore we refused to return because of odor problems.

5. About the color: as camera light, shooting models and display are different,  pictures and objects there may have color sense. Please care about "color" word, and subject to our goods.

6. About the crease line:  All bamboo mat is shipped by folding. Open and tiled a few time,  it will be disappeared. (Here remind you,  you can fold it aacording the crease line, when you collect the bamboo mat.)

7. After ordered, some order contents confirmed by the customer and the customer. After if the contents are wrong, we won't take  responsibility.

8.  After the order execution,  it is possible to immediately begin production.  Midway refused to cancel orders. Non-quality problems,  we will refuse to exchange and return the goods.

9.  Individual connection "Colors" which no "carbon burning"  bamboo mat fonts, it is traditional  processing methods for the mats--non-carbon burn mats.

10. About the return the goods.  When you return the goods,  please ensure the mat is not used and clean.  All parts must be completed. Also, please write down your trade massage No.,  mobile phone number and the reason for returning on the paper with packaging shipping for us.

Remark:  When the goods are good, there is quality problem.  The shipping fee will be charged by seller.  Others, all are paid by buyer.

Quality of interpretation and explanation

1. If the mat drop off white powder, it is not belong to quality problems. Thst is the bamboo shavings from holes after bamboo blocks be carbon burning at a high temperature of 400 degrees and mechanical polishing.
Another is made by fish tape lined with internal face of hole.

2.  In order to protect mat’s bamboo blocks, and let the mat looks more nice, smooth. Each piece of bamboo blocks are waxing and polishing.If you use the water to wash the mat, there is a layer of white wax. Difficult to clean, affect the appearance and use.

3.Bamboo blocks, dichotomanthes and covered edging,they are fixed specification, have certain thermal expansion and contraction.Specifications Maximum permissible error within 3 cm.Over this error, it is quality problem.

4.Weaved by hand,there are a little lines and Dichotomanthe’s interface,it is not quality problem.

5. Prohibit to use the hot water to clean and wash the mat,cannot be exposured. If you have done these, the bamboo blocks are burst.It also is not belong to the quality problem.

6.Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo,and carbon burning baking, without adding colorings and other chemical components.The color will be a little different.It is not belong quality’s problems.

7.The mat is made by bamboo,after processing the bamboo block has a little scars,dents,minor cracks.It is not belong to quality problems.

8.The edge with the slot design is not the quality problem. This design is used to exchange the broken bamboo blocks.Not easy off and broken.

9.Bamboo is a longitudinal structure,natural breakable. And more & small bamboo blocks get together, it is difficult to find out the tiny broken one.And bumpy transit,there will lead a little damage. But if the bamboo blocks are lower 5 pcs, it is not quality problem.We will send the gift box with some parts, you can search the modify the mat as the websute ways.

The ways for drying and cleaning 
Warm tips: New summer mat is no necessary to wash,all bamboo blocks are dry. If you don’t know the drying way for mat.It’s very easy to make bamboo blocks cracking.And bamboo blocks are very hard to dry all, so it’s easy to beget odour.

If the bamboo mat must to be clean and wash,please dry it on dry and sunny day.Taking a clean steel pipe longer than mat’s width, wipe clean, cross hanging on the balcony from the ground about 1.2 meters.


Cleaning and Drying Ways:

1.Preparing a pot of water,pour the right amount of detergent,put the towel into the basin.

2.Cross hanging the mat on the steel pipe by 2 peoples, mat’s front facing the sun.

3.Mat soaked with water

4.Using the wet towel to wipe and clean every place of mat

5.Quickly wash with water

6.Returning the mat and use the front of cleaning ways,then wipe water on mat(Reminding: It’s best for clean as soon as possible, and the opposite of mat is facing the sun); when it is quite dry, then hanging it in the ventilated room and until full dry. 

Attention: Drying not means exposuring to the sun too much,it is to avoid bamboo blocks cracking, otherwise it will influence the life of the mat.

It is better that don’t to wash and soak the covered edging mat with bottom cloth. Dry-cleaning and use the wet towel to wipe, or clean local and then dry.



Company Profile


Company through more than 30 years of development, it is a collection of r &d, design, production, online sales in the integration of bamboo system manufacturing company, has more than twenty thousand square meters of modern standard plant and first-class production equipment, strict implementation of ISO9001:2008 international quality standards, have complete technical and perfect sales network, for ten consecutive years of mat "China top ten brand".

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