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Beijing Oasis Rainbow Wallcoating Co., Ltd  

Year Established:2003

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No.1 xinggong No.8 road,jiangdong zone, econmic development zone,jiangshan,zhejiang,china.

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Yellow Sunshine wall coating/liquid wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpapers

Yellow Sunshine wall coating/liquid wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpapers
  • Yellow Sunshine wall coating/liquid wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpapers
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FibreDecor Wallcoating is a product composed of main materials of different kinds of both natural and synthetic fibers that meet the government’s textile standards and a product with additive materials added after the treatment of special techniques(cutting, static-electricity-proof, flame resistance and mould proofing), after dry on the wall surface.

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KEY WORDS: wall coating liquid/wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpaper


Terms and conditons:


Origin and manufacturer: Beijing Oasis Rainbow Wallcoating Ltd Co.(BORW)


Quality standards: As per enterprice standards of BORW which is matching with Chinese National Standards.


Technical specification: As per catalogue


Inspection: Made by BORW company according to Buyer's requirement.


Packing and staffing data:Silver Pearl wall coating liquid/wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpaper


PE bags then in  cartons, 12 bags/carton.then in 20'fcl


a) For 20'fcl Container: 4,200 bags stuffing.


b) For 40'fcl HQ Container: 8,400 bags stuffing.


Production schedule:


a) For small order -about 14 days after the receipt of down payment.


b) For for 20” container order: will be within 30 working days from the receipt of down payment.


c) Special Production Colours - 45 working days approximately after the receipt of down payment




 Yellow Sunshine wall coating/liquid wallpaper/silk plaster/silk wallpapers




Product features

FibreDecor Wallcoating is a product composed of main materials of different kinds of both natural and synthetic fibers that meet the government’s textile standards and a product with additive materials added after the treatment of special techniques(cutting, static-electricity-proof, flame resistance and mould proofing), after dry on the wall surface, it produce a unique sense of vein and three-dimensional relief. with complete changed application techniques and visual effect from those of traditional materials for interior wall decoration, it creates a natural living and working area with its unique fashionable decoration effect, fully satisfying modern people’s craving for environmental responsible homes and an individualized taste of living.


FibreDecor Wallcoating has a amount of uniqueness unparalleled compared with many traditional interior wall decoration materials:


No offensive odor, no volatility and a well-developed environment protecting capability.

The major components of FibreDecor textile decoration wallcoating are natural and synthetic textile fibers meeting all relevant standards of the government requirements. they are free from any hazardous chemical substances, heavy metal, glass fiber, formaldehyde, methylbenzene and any other kind of toxic organic volatile substances like free formaldehyde and methylbenzene. there is no release of smells whatsoever before, in or after application. As the strict testing of the authoritative organizations of North America, Europe and China have shown, its capability of protecting environment is much more better than the traditional materials, in fact, all of its indexes of environment protection have totally met the requirements of the government’s compulsory standards of GBI8582—2001— “Limits for hazardous substances contained in interior wallcoating and indoor decoration and repairing materials”.


Free from cracking and peeling.

FibreDecor wallcoating, through the uniqueness of its fibers being air-permeable and flexible which are absent in other chemical substances, together with the special adhesives characterized by highly powerful adhesiveness and high capability of membrane forming, can make the surface into full integrity without any seam marks at its completion, which fundamentally solves the above-mentioned problem.


Combination of bright colors and the unique texture to fully show individuality.

Among wallcoating in various colors and categories, people can make their own choices as they like. the pictures formed with relief and lines of different thickness or with different colors result in an effect different from that of the traditional material, endowing the surface a sense of three-dimensional relief, which is more suitable to the modern aspects of seeking individuality in indoor decoration.


Unique sense of vein and material, showing a more natural and noble effect

When FibreDecor wallcoating is being applied, the fiber abundant in it is in regular movement, producing a unique sense of vein absent in traditional emulsion and a soft and solemn effect which is different from the rigid one of the traditional wall paper. The surface at the completion of such decoration is both natural and noble and looks soft and solemn.


Convenient application and free from polluting indoor environment

The treatment needed in application is much simpler than the traditional material. after the wall is painted with white water-proof putty or water-proof coating, a proper amount of warm water is added to the fiberDecor wallcoating, which is followed by full stirring, then the coating materials are rolled evenly on wall surface with special roller, as a result, a new surface is produced in front of people’s eyes. the application should be completed at once to avoid duplicated work and repeated rolling, as a result, the indoor pollution caused by dust being stirred up is avoided.


Unique seamless repair.

For stained wallcoating, the dirty part can be removed easily through moistening, after that the new wallcoating of the same type and color is to be rolled on the surface to make the new integrate with the old. There will be no seam or repair trace left.


 Fast and convenient renovations

For the old walls need renovation, as long as its surface is clean, flat and white in the original color and still water-proof enough, wallcoating can be applied directly without any work on the wall surface.


Reduce sound rebounding and producing sound absorbing effect

Due to the wallcoating having fiber as its main material after it dries, there will form a high-low-showing relief surface which substantially reduces sound rebounding and can greatly absorb sound, providing people with a quieter space for living and working.


Regulate humidity automatically in air.

When the wallcoating material dries, it will have a good permeability and absorbs the moisture in air when it is wet and release moisture when it is dry, thus balancing the indoor humidity.



Special reminders

1. As the product is not water proof, it will release, deform or change color when soaked in water. Therefore, it should be kept away from direct contacting with water.

2. As the product can adjust humidity of air, humid air in general dwelling conditions will not affect the product.

3. The product without water added must be kept in a sealed environment which is also ventilated enough. if lumps form in the product, please do not use.

4. The theoretic application area of each bag of the product is 3-4㎡.the thickness of the product on the wall should be 1-2mm to meet the coverage promised, but when improper application occurs or the wall surface is not flat, the area covered by each bag of product will be reduced.

5. As the provider of raw materials does not ensure an identity in color between different lots, it is normal and unavoidable that there occasionally exists slight color difference between products of different lots. In order to reduce such difference, it’s better to apply the product of the same lot to the same room. if it is unavoidable to use the products of different lots simultaneously, they should be mixed together to avoid strong variation.

Company Profile

Contact:Jassica    WhatsApp:0086-13909858545


Beijing Oasis Rainbow Wallcoating Co., Ltd (Sino-Canadian Joint-venture)is a company specialized in manufacturing of interior decoration materials and combining research, production and marketing, It follows the principles of ensuring the clients’ safety and health, aims to provide consumers with qualified and satisfying products and is devoted to beautifying indoor environment with environment-friendly materials, with its own patented technology to produce a new series of environmental-friendly interior wall decoration materials ------ Fibredecor wallcoating, it is in fact the first provider of such environmental-friendly materials in China, the company’s product is a revolution of interior wall decoration product.

FibreDecor Wallcoating, when marketed, attract the attention of a large number of clients with its uniqueness unparalleled by traditional coating materials has ultra-strong capabilities is protective of environment, resists cracking and peeling and has the effect of fully demonstrating individuality.

In order to raise the level of its products to meet the challenges at international markets, the company developed itself into a joint venture by cooperating with Fibrewall Canada Ltd, a producer of colored textile decoration wallcoating with international leading technology, the joint venture has introduced a whole set of production lines from its Canadian party and produces all its products with Canadian formula and techniques.

With its scientific management mode and advanced techniques and equipment, the company passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in 2004.

We are fully confident that by combining its own patented technology and the advanced production techniques and equipment of the Canadian party, the company will provide its clients with the interior-wall decoration materials with an international first-class quality at a reasonable price.

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