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China Heated-treater Valley locates in the border of Liaoning, Jilin and Mongolia Province, closes to State Road 102 lines, 303 lines, Beijing-Harbin Railway, Siping-Qiqihar Railway, Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway and Shenyang-Harbin Highway. It was identified as Liaoning Heat Transfer Equipment Industrial Base in October 2008. Total planning area is 40 square kilometers, of which the industrial land area is 20 square kilometers and life support area is 20 square kilometers. In order to improve the function of the industrial base and build “China Heated-treater Valley”, the industrial base has invested 2 billion yuan for infrastructure funding, which is full equipped with the ability to carry major project. With the best policy, services and lowest fees, the industrial base attracted lots of customers to invest. Up to now, the industrial base has accumulated 236 projects in total. On July 2010, the industrial base was identified as “Liaoning New Industrialization Demonstration Base” by Liaoning provincial government, honored as China’s first “National Public Service Demonstration Platform for SMEs” by MIIT on March 2011 and awarded as “National Torch - Liaoning Heat Transfer Equipment Industrial Base” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
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Areas Covered:
The industrial base is dominated by heat transfer production industry, which balances extension of industry chain in both upstream and downstream, as follows:
Heat Transfer Equipment:

plate heat exchanger, copper plate heat exchanger, shell-and-tube heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger, finned heat exchanger, spiral heat exchanger, corrugated tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger unit, radiator, heat exchanger, water-cooled radiator, metal finned radiator and other new types of heat exchangers, standard, non-standard air radiator, fan coil, condensing unit, industrial chillers, coolers, cooling tower, evaporator, intercooler, high pressure oil radiator, old (warm) air device and other refrigeration equipments.
Heat Exchanger Components and Accessories:
heat exchange materials, copper pipe, stainless steel tube, spiral winding finned tube, heat exchange tube, radiating tube, heat pipe, bimetal rolling aluminum fin tube, copper aluminum sleeve, pipe strings, spacer, sealing element, fastener, valve, functional surface coating and so on.
Related Industry:
Air-condition, boiler, pressure vessel, burner, industrial furnaces, electric stove, electric heating, temperature control, water pump, electric, fan heater, dirt catcher, valve, tool, mould, hydraulic pressure, water treatment equipment, energy-efficient equipment, cleaning and testing equipment, manufacturing technology, detection and monitoring equipment and other related industry.
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