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Dandong, lies in Liaoning Province, east to the Yalu River, south of the Yellow Sea, which has the beautiful natural scenery and unique cultural landscape. There are several overlapping castle barrier for the screen to the north, and endless farmland fertile Yellow Sea phase to the south,over 1000 rivers, more than 50 reservoirs water network consisting of interwoven between the mountains, hills and plains. Coastline of Dandong is 125 kilometers, the total area is 3500 square kilometers, fishery water area is 168 acres, accounted for 31.5% of the total surface of the province, ranks first in the whole province. A wide variety of sea and fresh water biological resources provide a wide space for Dandong’s modern fishing industry.
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Aquatic Product Industrial Belt

In recent years, Dandong closely around the fishing efficiency, increase fishermen and fisheries sustainable development"11 Five-Year plan" strategic objectives, relying on marine and fisheries resources, geographical advantages and industrial base, and actively change the development mode, accelerate the development of modern fishery pace, the successful completion of the "11 Five-Year plan" and fisheries doubling plan. The main indicators of aquatic production, fisheries, economic output, processing and export of aquatic products, ranks second in Liaoning Province for five consecutive years. Marine and Fisheries has become an important growth point in Dandong's agricultural development, especially for the economic development of the rural economy has made important contributions to Dandong.

Through years of development, Dandong’s breeding industry is leaded by fishery, forms 6 breeding bases, they are, facilities fisheries, aquaculture harbor, beach and shellfish farming, shallow shellfish aquaculture, freshwater aquaculture and fisheries paddy.

Fishery integrated economic strength, various indicators of growth significantly. In recent years, Dandong fisheries development based on local fishery resources, to vigorously support aquatic products in demonstration area to processing industry new project activity as the starting point, to promote the application of three-dimensional culture patterns and pollution-free farming techniques, constantly optimize breeding species structure, strengthen the quality and safety of aquatic products and seed management, improve the quality of fisheries proportion, and vigorously promote the construction of modern fisheries, the indicators of rapid growth, fisheries continue to enhance the overall strength of the economy.