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Ice Cream Pre-treatment Machine

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Ice cream Continuous Freezer for Sale

A continuous freezer is the “key” of every ice cream producing plant and, it lets the produced ice cream to get close to the ideal in terms of texture, proper mouth feel or creamosity by controlling the largest possible number of parameters. Our Customers growing satisfaction is expressed in their positive opinion on the scope of overrun obtained, especially in relation to minimum air content, so important for artisanal/premium ice cream. Customers praise also especially the quick startup of our freezers and the possibility to reach the set working parameters without unnecessary mix waste. Although the full-automatic models are our hot sale products, with advantages of automatic detection and identification of pressure, air flow and feed flow, easier to adjust, less waste, full automatic operation. For some Clients our offer still includes the high cost-effective semi-automatic freezers.

Ice Cream Aging Tank Factory Price

These tanks are suited throughout the dairy and ice cream industry and are ready to connect to the clients own chilled water plant. Fitted with a slow speed paddle agitator with a jacket designed for the circulation of chilled water from an external source. The tank is equipped with an electronic controller for temperature control, standard oval lid and CIP ball with fittings.

Ice cream Homogenizer Manufacturers

This machine is designed for high-pressure homogenisation of emulsions and suspensions. The product is pumped under high pressure into the homogenising device. In the device the product is forced through a small annular gap where the pressure transform into high velocity. Extreme turbulence and cavitation effectively reduce the size of liquid droplets and solid particles. The superiority of the components used throughout the range not only ensures that they are highly dependable and easily able to copy with the vigour’s of modern production, but also that the product, is treated with the utmost respect and processed in a manner that will guarantee a high-end, luxurious ice cream.


Audited Suppliers Show

MEC Ice Cream

Liaoning MEC Group  Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group with business scope including international project contracting, large complete equipment exports, domestic trade and engineering.

The group company was founded in 1994.Up to now, the average annual turnover is around 1.8 billion yuans, MEC has underpinned a solid partnership with domestic government branches, financial institutions and industrial enterprises and established a business network covering industrial, commercial and financial sectors in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.

As one of the biggest ice cream solution supplier in China.  we could provide customized whole solution for ice cream plant, from layout to installation, from pre-treatment system to rotary line, every requirement from the customer will be solved by our experienced engineers.

Our market share is increasing constantly, for the rotary line in China, our market share accounts for more than 70%. Besides, our products are also popular abroad, such as India, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa etc.