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Rescue Equipment

Emergency Flashlight


We supply any kinds of led torch, including head light, energy saving charging light, waterproof flashlight, 12-in-1 multi tool with torch, etc. Providing free logo printing service. You will always find what you need! Contact us directly, gain factory prices.

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12-in-1 multi tool with torch emergency escape flashlight tool set

Excellent performance for indoor or outdoor environment conditions, and be of ABS and solid construction.

Head lamp

Usages: Lighting in the dark, climbing, fishing, etc.

Auto Emergency Led Beacon hand held 1w emergency flashlight of CE Standard

LED Flashlight: 1pc 1w LED, for long distance illumination in dark.

Smoke Alarm


Installation of high-quality independent automatic smoke alarms in order to prevent the occurrence of major fire incidents, reduce property damage and protect life. National Fire Protection Association report shows, the installation of the recommended number of smoke alarms in the house when the fire broke out, the opportunity to escape than in-house staff is not installed 50% more residential. Smoke Detector Fire Alarm uses led indicator alarm, strong stability. Suitable for home house, shopping mall, hotel, office, school, bank, library, computer room and others. Full solution for you!

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Independent Smoke Detector Fire Alarm

Sound-light smoke detector can be called detector that particles refraction of the infrared light to detector fire .

First Alert Mini High Security Network Control Gas Leak Detector Alarm

Alarm indication: red LED flashes and buzzer sounds

FDL-CM1 co sensor / portable co detector, small size smoke alarm cheap smoke alarms co gas detector

Test/ Reset button to test the unit electrnoicsand verifies proper unit operational and reset the unit during CO alarm

First Aid Kit


Our emergency first aid kit including adhesive bandages, scissors, gloves, etc 128pcs first aid contents. Our products approved CE, ISO,FDA certification. Suitable for outdoors, travel, portable, sport, car, pet, road trip. We supply professional OEM design as your requirement. Any questions, contact us! PP sample photos will send to you before we produce, Bulk sample photo will send to you before we ship.

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Outdoors portable car emergency first aid kit bag 18pcs

Recommended:outdoors, travel, portable, sport, car, pet, road trip, adventure

Promotional accident & disaster emergency survival kit 121pcs

Recommended:house office workplace travel workshop other facilities

Wholesale best portable EVA outdoors road trip first aid kit bag 56pcs

Wholesale best portable EVA outdoors road trip first aid kit bag 56pcs

Firefighting Supplies


We supply fire blanket, fire escape smoke mask, fire extinguisher ball, etc firefighting supplies.It is the best choice for emergency, fire protection and fire fighting. Ideal for use in kitchen, hotel, garage, gas station, laboratory etc. We are specialized in guarding lives and property. We can also provide customized services. Send Inquiry& Get Quote.

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Fire resistance,Acid-resistance, Alkaline-resistance,not stimulate the skin please contact us:<a href="mailto:qiuwan@mec.com.cn">qiuwan@mec.com.cn</a>

Fire extinguisher ball

Light weight only 1.3 kilograms, shape of a ball even the old and children can use it easily. please contact us: <a href="mailto:qiuwan@mec.com.cn">qiuwan@mec.com.cn</a>

Fire Escape Smoke Mask

Storage conditions: 0- 40 surrounding, no fire source nearby, no flammable, explosive and corrosive material nearby., well ventilated, keep away from rain and moisture corrosion.

Supplier Information

Mec Group-Life Secure Products


Liaoning MEC Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. The company keeps business relations with several thousand firms and enterprises home and abroad. We offer professionally designed products for individuals and families, schools, businesses, government organizations, and the Military worldwide. We supply emergency flashlight, fire blanket, fire extinguisher ball, smoke alarm, smoke escape mask, emergency blanket, military storage box, body bags, etc lifesaving products and supplies. Our aim is to help survive in all types of disasters.

We will provide our customers with good quality products, reasonable price and added service.

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First Aid Kit Essentials for Hiking & Snowshoeing (Downloadable Checklist)

When you plan a hiking or snowshoe trip it’s natural to want to carry as little as possible with you and not be weighed down unnecessarily.
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