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Liaoyang Xingwang Graphite Factory  

Year Established:2009

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Hongqi Village, Wanbaoqiao Street, Dengta, Liaoning, China (Mainland)

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EDM graphite fences electrode

EDM graphite fences electrode
  • EDM graphite fences electrode
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1, High Compressive strength and high Bending strength
2, High temperature resistance and oxidation resistance

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Brand Name: Xingwang : Model Number: ALL
Diameter: in order : Length: in order


The excellent performance of graphite mold: 1 excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and low coefficient of thermal stability good expansion 2 line and anti heat shock 3 resistance to chemical corrosion and most metal is not easy to react at high temperatures (above 4 in most of the copper matrix sintering temperature of 800 °C) intensity increased with the increasing of temperature 5 good lubrication and abrasion resistance of 6 easy processing, mechanical processing performance is good, can mold into complex shape, high precision


Application of the graphite mould at present, graphite mold is mainly obtained the widespread application in the following aspects:


1 non-ferrous metal continuous casting and semi graphite mould continuous casting: in recent years, both at home and abroad are popularized by the molten metal state (continuous or semi continuous) method for producing bar or pipe and other advanced. In the domestic copper, copper alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy and so on have already started using this method. Artificial graphite as a continuous casting of nonferrous metal or semi continuous casting mold is considered to be the most suitable materials. Production practice has proved that, as a result of the graphite mold, because of its good thermal conductivity properties (thermal conductivity of the solidification rate of metal or alloy), good self-lubricating performance factors such as mold, the casting speed, and because the ingot precise size, smooth surface, uniform crystalline structure, can be processed directly under the procedures the. This not only greatly improve the rate of finished products, reduce waste, but also greatly improve the quality of the products. Method of continuous casting method and horizontal continuous casting of two vertical continuous casting.


2 pressure casting mould: artificial graphite materials have been successfully used for the pressure casting of non-ferrous metals. For example, manufacturing with artificial graphite material pressure casting mold production of zinc alloy and copper alloy castings have been used for automobile parts etc..


Graphite mould 3 centrifugal casting: Shi Momo has been successfully applied in centrifugal casting. The United States has a wall thickness of 25 mm above the artificial graphite mould of centrifugal casting bronze sleeve. In order to prevent the artificial graphite mold burning, can take some measures to prevent oxidation. Casting a certain number of castings, if it is found that the mold surface burn, the mold hole size expanded to casting large size casing.


4 hot pressing die: artificial graphite hot pressing die for has the features of pressurized sintering cemented carbide: if the compaction temperature to 1350-1450 degrees, the unit pressure can be reduced to 67-100 kg / cm2 (i.e. cold pressure 1/10) can; two is pressurized and heated in the same procedure, get the sintering of the compact sintered can short time.


Company Profile

Liaoyang Xingwang Graphite Products Factory is located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China, with a developed economy and convenient transportation. Liaoyang has a famous writer Cao Xueqin, and also is the hero - Li Zhaolin's hometown between Shenyang and Dalian city. The company has a new business idea, and continuously forges ahead, quickly growing into one of the largest graphite product factories in northeast China. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions all over the world, such as the United States, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Our main products are general graphite, dipping graphite, high power graphite, super high power graphite, high purity graphite, imported graphite, carbon-carbon composite, carbon fiber hard felt insulation mat, graphite felt, carbon felt, carbon rope, graphite paper, graphite board, graphite stick, graphite tube, graphite heater, graphite crucible, thermal field, graphite groove, push plate, saggar, semicircular groove, graphite sinter box and carbon-carbon thermal field, carbon-carbon plate, carbon-carbon fastener, carbon-carbon mold, carbon-carbon groove and carbon-carbon frame. All our products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, machinery, petroleum, glass, semiconductor, precious metal, military, aerospace and other industries.

We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory. Through our superb technology, quality products and enthusiastic service, we will meet the needs of our customers.

Welcome to visit our website: www.lyxwsm.com
 	Liaoyang Xingwang Graphite Factory

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