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Changtu County of Liaoning Province, Tieling City eight town and village

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Potatoes, (scientific name: Solanum tuberosum, English: potato), belong to Solanaceae, annual herb, called the potato, potato, potato etc.. Artificial cultivation of potatoes can be traced back to the earliest about 8000 BC to the southern Peru area in 5000.

Potatoes, 15-80 cm tall, glabrous or puberulous. The stem is divided into two parts the stems and rhizomes. Potato is one of the China five staple food, its nutritional value is high, strong adaptability, high yield, is an important food crop worldwide third, second only to wheat and corn. Potatoes are tubers, can be used as medicine, sweet natured, can cure stomach pain, carbuncle swollen disease, mumps rib. As a food, the storage period should not be too long, to low temperature, dry, sealed. (Note: buds with mild toxicity)

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Herbs, underground stem lump, oblate or 15-80 cm tall, glabrous or puberulous. The stem is divided into two parts the stems and rhizomes. Oblong, 3-10 cm in diam, skin white, pink or purple. Potato skin color is white, yellow, pink, red, purple and black, white, yellow, flesh yellow, black, green, purple and dark purple. Grown from seed plants form elongated root and branch of lateral roots; and the plant breeding by tuber, no root, only the formation of fibrous root system. The stems of rhombic, hairy. Primary leaves simple, entire. Along with the growth of plant, and gradually formed the odd unequal fronds pinnate. Leaflets usually size white, 10-20 cm long; petiole 2.5-5 cm; leaf, 6-8 pairs, ovate to oblong, maximum up to 6 cm long, 3.2 cm wide, the smallest length width less than 1 cm, apex acuminate, base slightly unequal, entire, both surfaces sparsely pilose white, lateral veins 6-7 on each side, apex slightly curved, petiolules ca. 1-8, mm. Corymbs terminal, rear, flowers white or violet; calyx campanulate, ca. 1 cm in diam., outside sparsely puberulent, 5 - lobed, lobes lanceolate, apex long acuminate; corolla rotate, about 2.5-3 cm in diameter, corolla tube, hidden in the calyx, ca. 2 mm, limb ca. 1.5 cm, lobes 5, triangular, ca. 5 mm long; stamens ca. 6 mm, anther length is 5 times of filament length; ovary ovoid, glabrous, stigma ca. 8 mm, stigma capitate. Berries spherical, smooth, green or purple brown, ca. 1.5 cm in diam. Seeds reniform

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The dawn of Liaoning agricultural professional cooperatives in Changtu County, eight towns and village, founded in 2011 March, is based on the Shuguang group industry advantage, financial advantage, market advantage, information advantage, the integration of local resource advantages, lead and lead the formation of joint-stock cooperative, is the whole village land intensive management of disposable largest cooperatives, Liaoning the first professional agricultural cooperatives, is the leading local Party committee and government and the key support of cooperatives, rural collective economic cooperative organizations, farmers to buy land, an area of 15000 mu, investment 3000 farmers (840 households), equity structure is: farmers to 700 yuan per mu of cooperative shares, equity of 70%, dawn Group invested 3000000 yuan investment, accounting for 30% of the equity capital, cooperative business risks are borne by the dawn group profit dividends, members of cooperatives, farmers in drought or waterlogging, and writes the Union constitution, the legitimate interests of farmers against the legal protection. 12 professional cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives as the leading to. Eight and the village two appoint team principal leadership in cooperatives, do the work of the United, cooperate with absolute sincerity, the common participation, dedication, cooperation in 2011 42000000 yuan of investment in fixed assets.

Among them: the dawn of Liaoning Agricultural Cooperatives: investment 8400000 yuan, the purchase of agricultural vehicles 158 units / sets, more than 4 acres of tractor work area, to realize the agricultural mechanization. 1850000 yuan investment in the construction of the national primary standard gas station, and for the business procedures. Investment of 1000000 yuan, the purchase of a large and middle school (area 37000 square meters) storage of agricultural equipment, Liaoning province has become the largest agricultural cooperatives.

We take the industry and agriculture and promote each other, coordination development, "adhere to the agricultural farmers, organized Xing Cun Fu Min" cooperative purpose, industry nurturing agriculture, industry rich peasants, execute intensive to manage the land, production management, Agro industrial agglomeration, development of enterprise clusters, elongated industrial chain of agriculture, achieve production, plus, sales through-train, agricultural industry and trade integration, to create the organic food base security, gather funds, technology, information, become a farmer, enterprise, market, government bridge, so that the farmers share circulation processing links of interest, change the concept of production, exchange, distribution relations, resolving rural many contradictions, solve the practical difficulties of farmers, is a major adjustment, the changes in the relations of production and perfect, for the liberation and development of productive forces have intensified promotion effect, increase the income of peasants, accelerate the development of rural economy, to ensure the interests of farmers, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, for farmers to share the achievements of modernization development, realize the city and countryside common prosperity, building a harmonious society.

The dawn of cooperatives has dawned 8000, makes us see the hope and direction of development, and strive to build the new socialist countryside construction mode, some difficulties will face on the road ahead, but we have the confidence and determination, at all levels under the leadership of the Party committee, the flag high Gao Juqi, let the Potuerchu cooperatives more robust first, let Liaoning club also shining. Liaoning construction of a new socialist countryside building model, a model, let more farmers to become rich the road as soon as possible.

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