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Sino-German enterprise independent combination of "intelligence"

Date : 2018-11-22 | From : Original

On November 19th, the second Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing and Production Process Networking Cooperation Main Forum hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were held at the China Workers' Home in Beijing.

Chen Xiongxiong, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China and Germany are supporting a good environment for Sino-German cooperation and supporting cooperation between the two countries in smart manufacturing, industrial Internet, robotics, artificial intelligence, and network security. Multi-substantial industrial cooperation. At present, the international situation is undergoing profound changes. On the global scale, another round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes are slowly emerging. Unilateralism and protectionism are clearly on the rise, the multilateral trading system is under attack, and instability and uncertainty in the world are under the situation of increasing factors, Sino-German trade can grow against the market and convey a positive signal of economic cooperation and mutual benefit.

In his speech, Oliver Wittke, Secretary of State for the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, said that German Industry 4.0 has created opportunities for Sino-German cooperation. In the context of international environmental instability, cooperation between China and Germany is particularly important. The two sides can maintain long-term cooperation in the field of intelligent manufacturing. German companies need a good business environment and network security. It is hoped that both China and Germany will work hard to build a platform that will benefit Sino-German cooperation.

The Sino-German scientific research cooperation project was presented at the forum. Professor Jürgen Fleischer of Karlsruhe Technical University and Zhang Weimin of Tongji University presented 14TP: Construction, Reference Implementation and Verification of Reconfigurable Intelligent Production System Platform; Professor Darnay Adler of Darmstadt University of Technology and Chai Xudong, General Manager of Aerospace Cloud Network Technology Development Co., Ltd., showcased the Smart Cloud Manufacturing Service Research and Demonstration Factory; Professor Lu Jianfeng of Tongji University and Professor of Kaikai Saslauten University of Technology Steven Liu showed the intelligent warehousing of intelligent robots based on 3D implementation of positioning and perception; Director of Intelligent Manufacturing Services, Haier Institute of Industrial Intelligence, Guan Xiangyu and Fraunhofer Logistics Research Dr. Soren Korner introduced Research and application of interconnected factory models for personalized customization and smart logistics (autonomous robots, etc.). These research cooperation projects show that Sino-German cooperation in pragmatic cooperation has achieved gratifying results in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

In order to further deepen the cooperation between China and Germany in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, standardization, network security, data protection, and intellectual property rights, and jointly create a new situation of open cooperation and mutual benefit and win-win situation between China and Germany, Chen Shaoxiong pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen strategic mutual trust. Improve the business environment and strengthen the construction of a platform for exchanges and cooperation between China and Germany. China must work with Germany to continue to strengthen policy exchanges, improve the business environment, expand open cooperation, and encourage and support Chinese companies to conduct business cooperation in Germany. Welcome German companies to invest in China and promote the common development of smart manufacturing in both countries. Second, tap the potential of cooperation and jointly explore third-party markets. As the world's major economy, China and Germany jointly explore third-party markets and fully safeguard multilateralism and free trade. The system not only benefits the two sides, but also benefits the global economy and trade development. It hopes to promote the independent combination of enterprises, complementary advantages and resource sharing, and accelerate the development of third-party cooperation in new energy vehicles, the Internet, and robotics. Bring investment and trade opportunities; The third is to find a common interest point of convergence and foster growth and innovation cooperation. China and Germany are the world's second largest and fourth largest economies respectively. They have a profound industrial base and broad space for cooperation in the fields of talent technology standards. Under the background of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the integration of manufacturing, the interests of both sides There are more points of convergence. We should strengthen the integration of innovation and development strategies, strengthen cooperation in emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, industrial Internet, and artificial intelligence. At the same time, we will take a series of exchanges and cooperation as an opportunity to exchange new developments in the smart manufacturing fields.

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